Skins Dots and Ribs Condoms

Pleasure Panel review by Safe_Blud

Skins Condoms Dots and Ribs reviewThanks to @safe_blud for this brief guest review for the Skins Condoms Dots and Ribs style.

You can get yours directly from the Skins Condoms website, where a 4 pack costs £2.99 and a 12 pack costs £6.99.

– Cara Sutra

Skins Condoms Dots & Ribs Review

I’ve recently changed to SKINS condoms and have not looked back! They really do feel closer and the quality is excellent every time.

In my opinion – they are the absolute best on the market for and have a great range. The experience is obviously the key and my current favourite from them is ‘Dots and Ribs’ they really do provide that little extra thrill!!

Definitely value for money too – all round top item – for me it’s now a must have item!

– ‘Safe Blud

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