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Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88

I’m a big fan of all things hitty, and being a switch I get to experience both sides of the coin! When I saw something that could be used with my partner I jumped at the chance to test the Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle (available from AmazingO.co.uk) out. Thank you to the Pleasure Panel for this painful opportunity!

I was really surprised when this paddle arrived as it is about twice the size I imagined it to be. I was a little put off at first as I do prefer smaller surface areas for spanking as I find them easier to control, and I prefer the sharp stingy pain in a concentrated area rather than a thuddy slap. I was also taken aback by how flexible and bendy this is. From the outside I expected it to be quite firm and rigid, but it is quite floppy, and feels like a well worn in toy.

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The Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle has two sides to it, the front is a cold smooth surface, whereas the back is softer and feels slightly fuzzy and cushioned.

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I love the studded detail on the handle to really give it an authentic look. It also has a strap which I would say is more to do with storage than to wear whilst you use it but this is a handy idea as most toys like this are designed to be hung away when not in use.

In my hand

I must admit at first I found this quite hard to use due to its size. I much prefer daintier implements. Nether the less this is a fun toy to use! You can cover a large surface area with one hit! Once I got used to the size and floppiness, this toy was quite fun to use and I enjoyed switching between the front and back and hearing the different sounds it made upon impact.

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I did find that the handle was a little uncomfortable. I would’ve preferred it either to be a little thinner, or a little rounder as it tended to dig into my skin a bit.

On my bum

Wow! I was surprised and a half by this toy! I was expecting something tame and ideal for beginners but how wrong was I! I found the smooth side to provide an instant sting, followed by a tingling sensation. It made a definite slapping noise and my bum was getting red after only a few hits! I found the back side to provide a thuddier, gentler type of pain that was more tolerable for longer periods of time.

Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle Review Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra-1

I think this toy provides enough pain that those who enjoy a hard slap will be satisfied, but also allows for a softer more gentle approach for those who prefer the sensation rather than pure pain.

I would give the Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle a 7/10 and it’s definitely earned a place as one of our warm up toys when we have a spanking session, although I prefer to be hit by it rather than hit with it!

– JM88

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88 for this review of the Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle (£36.99 from AmazingO.co.uk)

The Rimba Leather Spanking Paddle was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by AmazingO. Thank you! 🙂


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