Review: Woohoo! Organic Intimate Water Based Sex Lubricant


woohoo organic sex lubricant review

woohoo! Water Based Organic Intimate Lubricant UK Review

I was contacted by the PR group managing the release and distribution of a new sex lubricant to the market, Woohoo lube. I was sent a free tube in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

The woohoo lubricant arrives in a cardboard outer box, giving a clear indication of the contents as well as additional info such as the ingredients and the certification of it being an organic lube, from the Soil Association.

Removing the tube from the box, it’s a flip top tube containing 50ml. The brand colour is a quite attractive and aquatic connotation turquoise colour, which also has universal appeal regardless of gender or sexuality.

Squeezing the lubricant from the tube, it’s easy to dispense and the lube itself is completely clear. It’s not as thick as anal lube but not watery either, it’s pretty much your standard water based lubricant.

For some reason, having read about the fact that ‘winter is coming’ in the provided press release with this lube, I had mistakenly thought it was a warming lube. But nope, you’re encouraged to just stay in and have your own cosy, warm nights of passionate fun using Woohoo lube. Fair enough!

This lubricant doesn’t contain parabens, grapefruit extract, flavourings, perfumes, artificial colours or preservatives, hormones, silicones, glycols or glycerine. Therefore this lubricant is ideal for those who are sensitive to ingredients and are particularly careful about with sex lubricants they use.

I’ve used Woohoo lube for both masturbation and sex and although this is a clear, body safe lubricant it does dry a little too fast for my liking. With body to body heat during sex, it evaporates in no time. I found it better for masturbation with sex toys, particularly for vaginal penetration. The lubricant is just enough to get things started, before your own natural lubrication joins in.

I wouldn’t recommend this lubricant for anal sex, there are simply much better lubricants out there designed for that. Also for male masturbation with their hand, this lubricant evaporates and needs reapplying quite a few times.

The Woohoo lubricant is a skin kind, body safe mix of ingredients and an organic certified lube. Although I am very happy with the medical and intimate health aspects, I wouldn’t choose this lubricant as my general go-to lube, there are ones out there which last a lot longer.


Aqua water, cyamopsis tetragonolbus (GaraGum)*, Ceratonis siliqua (Locust bean Gum)*, Aloe barbadensis (Aloevera)*, Cemllia sinensis (green tea extract)*, Equisetem arvense (horsetail extract)*, Carrageenan (red seaweed extract)*, Phenoxythanol, Potassium sorbate, citric acid.                          *Organically grown ingredients

A 50ml tube of Woohoo lubricant costs £5.99 and is available from Boots the Chemist and

– Cara Sutra

Woohoo organic sex lubricant review


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