Review: Ultimate Cheeky Weekender

Ultimate Cheeky Weekender deluxe sex essentials kit review

I was sent the trio of Cheeky Weekender packs directly from Give Pleasure Products, the same people behind the wonderful Give Lube and Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes. These were all sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review of each.

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It’s all in the name with this pack from the trio. It’s the deluxe item, the Ultimate Cheeky Weekender. The price for this box is £19.99 and for that you receive:

If you’re going to invest in a Cheeky Weekender, this is obviously the first choice if you’ve got £20 to spend on a great little box of sexy goodies. The Ultimate Cheeky Weekender comprises of everything you get in the other sets combined, with a sensual addition. The arousal oil, On by Sensuva, doesn’t include or rely on menthol like a lot of other arousal oils and gels. It’s very, very effective – even for a cynical old product tester like me. Don’t think it’s only good for the clit either – a dot on the tongue gives you a sizzling glimpse into where else it could tingle and tantalise – opening up some very naughty public teasing possibilities.

The bullet vibe and vibrating cock ring aren’t the most powerful vibrating sex toys in the world but then what do you expect for under £20 and in a sexy essentials kit? These are meant to add an exciting buzz to your saucy liaison, not take up permanent residence in your top 3 sex toys of all time. As I said in the Love Affair Cheeky Weekender review, it’s brilliant that you get not just one but two vibrating sex toys to discover and enjoy with your partner.

Many of the included items have already received a full review from me in the past, so please click through the links in the list above to find out more about them.  I especially love the Cheeky Wash and Wipes – which are truly addictive! But then, watching something grow in your hand – how could that ever get tiring, right girls?

The condoms are from big name, trusted brands such as EXS, Mates and Billy Boy and well within expiry date.

In summary, the perfect sex essentials kit to take to any occasion, romantic liaison, naughty weekend away, to keep in the car, office or in the bedside drawer. Just open up, tip out the contents and experience the pleasure with your partner. No need to shop for everything separately, just add one of these to your shopping basket.

Buy the Ultimate Cheeky Weekender kit for £19.99. 



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