Review: Titus Jack M8 Clear / Ice Mouth Gay Male Masturbator


Titus Jack M8 Mouth Masturbator Review

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Along with a few other little sexy goodies, we recently received the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator to review from Clonezone. This male masturbator along the same lines as the Fleshlight and Fleshjack products is presented in professional packaging, with the familiar torchlike canister over a soft feeling, shaped entrance sleeve. As this is a ‘clear’ masturbator from Titus’ Jack M8 range, the malleable and soft material looks almost like crystal, being completely translucent for a cool visual effect and something different to the usual flesh tones.

The canister which offers the user a rigid, easy grip outer for the masturbator is see through as well, which adds to the excitement during use. You can watch yourself go in and out of the device, plunging in as deep as you like – as the masturbator is generously proportioned to fit most men. I would say all men, but I can’t account for the newsworthy extremes.

The overall length with the case is 10 inches, while the insertable depth is approximately 8-9 inches max. The inner canal will stimulate the entire shaft and head of the penis, but in reality I’d counter that it’s the stimulation of the head and frenulum most men are after as a priority.

As I don’t have a penis of my own (yes really) I needed the assistance of my better half in order to give honest feedback about this sex toy. We were both impressed from the outset with the service from Clonezone (fast, discreet, courteous, professional) but would the product live up to its famous rivals?

Using the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator is fairly straightforward and you shouldn’t need detailed instructions although there’s info on the packaging if you’re not sure. You’re best off rinsing the inner soft sleeve with water before first use just to be sure that all chemicals from manufacture are completely gone and that it’s entirely dust free. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and if it needs restoring to a more silky as-new feeling, you can use a light dusting of cornflour or a specialist masturbator revive or restore powder.

The lid is screwed on and off (appropriately) to reveal or conceal the masturbation entrance leading to the textured chamber within. Simply use some water based lubricant on both his penis and ideally a few good squirts inside the masturbation sleeve, then get to work with a much improved version of his hand to do the job.

I had to be present to make observations of his use of the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator, which of course was the only reason I was there (lie, shameless lie). We like to work his product testing into our couples’ foreplay and the fact that the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator is designed to resemble not only another person’s mouth but a man’s mouth added to the excitement for both him and I. He’s bisexual, as am I, and the whole scene was reminiscent of watching him receive oral sex from past male sex partners. Hot memories.

After using the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator on quite a few occasions now, my partner has been able to form some opinions about the product. He’s also becoming quite the expert in male masturbators, having also tested the TENGA Flip Hole, Fleshlight Girls, Segzi Super Bumped Stroker as well as other masturbators over the past few months.

Although he enjoyed using the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator, he said you really can smell the material on this one. There’s a slight smell from the TPR used for the real feel materials patented by the respective companies of Fleshlight and TENGA, but with the Titus Jack M8 it’s really very noticeable.

The inner canal was enjoyable during use but it was smoother and not as tight as the Fleshlights and TENGA Flip Hole he’s used. It still ended with the desired effect, but it took a little longer than using the others mentioned. You can adjust the suction pressure by screwing or unscrewing the end cap, but this didn’t make the inner noticeably tighter to be in the same league as Fleshlight and TENGA.

Despite these two points, he did like using the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator but it probably wouldn’t be the first he picks up from his impressive collection. The price is great for a sizeable masturbator and it’s easy to clean between uses. The material is porous, so you need to make sure you clean it very well. If porous materials bother you then this masturbator probably isn’t for you.

If you’d like to give it a go you can buy your Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator here at CloneZone for £39.99.

– Cara Sutra



  1. Thanks for another excellent & interesting review. Thanks too for the extremely helpful pics that are making us wish we’d tried this over the Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal we bought a while back, which is anything but clear.

    • You’re welcome. I’ve seen your review, it definitely doesn’t look clear! But then ‘Ice’ is frosted? If Fleshlight are saying it’s entirely clear then yes there is an issue there :/
      Thanks for your lovely comments
      Cara xx

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