Review: The Songs of Solomon: A Pillow Book for Breast Cancer Survivors and their Lovers – Tony Barca

Tony Barca

songs of solomon pillow book tony barca reviewThe Songs of Solomon

A Pillow Book for Breast Cancer Survivors and their Lovers – illustrated by Tony Barca

I make no secret of the fact that I have been a great believer in the fine premise of this book since I heard about the kickstarter campaign to get funding. I am so happy to see it now in print and available to buy on Amazon.

Tony Barca is an incredibly talented and sensitive artist who has teamed her earthy, soul-warming illustrations with the words from the Songs of Solomon from the Bible, to provide all those affected by breast cancer with a statement of feminine empowerment. This book has been created to help women who have been through breast cancer take back the power and regain confidence in their sexuality, and as an aid to their partners and lovers too.

Of course there are men out there struggling with breast cancer – as well as other forms of cancer and illness which affect their views towards their sexuality – and I would love to see a similar male empowerment book available for them and their partners. Perhaps the next project for the talented Tony Barca?

If you’ve been affected by breast cancer or are trying to support a woman going through this most difficult of times, then buy The Songs of Solomon Pillow Book by Tony Barca. It’s priced at £6.10 on Amazon (and check out my quote on the back!) and is a beautiful, tangible expression of sex positivity and artistic expression that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who views its beauty.

songs of solomon pillow book tony barca review songs of solomon pillow book tony barca review

– Cara Sutra


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