Guest Review: MOJO G-Force Electric Penis Pump Enlarger


Yet again I employ minnie to try out a few male products which need a review. Here he tests the MOJO G-Force Electric Penis Pump Enlarger, which is available from Simply Pleasure here for £62.95. – Cara Sutra

MOJO G force electric penis pump for men

The delectable Cara Sutra has asked me to test and review again, this time with the MOJO G-Force penis pump enlarger. It arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with a clear viewing panel. The clear plastic cylinder is about 10” tall and 3” diameter, surely big enough for anyone contemplating enlargement! The pump unit is electric with a digital display of the vaccum, a simple on/off button and another button to release the vacuum.

It takes 4 AA batteries, which aren’t supplied, luckily I had some to hand.

After a quick wash to remove any lingering chemicals from the manufacture I slid my all too small cock into the cylinder, through the snug-fitting rubber seal. The seal is stretchy enough to take most sizes without discomfort.

It took seconds to reach enough vacuum to stretch my cock. Normally only 4″ it soon grew to 5″! Leaving the pump running soon becomes uncomfortable as the vacuum increases. To be honest the digital display is not really needed, you will soon know when you have reached your comfort level. Turn the pump off and the vacuum does slowly diminish, as does your cock. If needed you can release the vacuum more quickly with the button.

Although I have my doubts about any long-term effects I did enjoy using the G-Force, the cylinder has graduations in inches and millimetres so you can measure the ‘before and after’ difference.

It costs about £60 from online retailers and I give it 6 out of 10.

MOJO G force electric penis pump enlargement device





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