Review: Licx Deluxe Cream Water Based Lubricant (100ml tube)


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There once was a lady from Licx. Sounds like the start of a naughty limerick I know, but this particular lady offered me a tube of a lube I’d never heard of before, free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. I don’t normally accept many sex lubes for review on account of having enough to fill probably 18 Olympic swimming pools at this point, but I liked the look of this one. I’ll tell you why in a little while.

The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube was sent to me quickly, professionally and in discreet packaging. All good. The tube I was sent was full size, no stingy 5ml sachets for a tester from this lovely company. A full 100ml of water based lubricant in a flip top tube which stands upright on the bedside table. There’s a hygiene seal under the flip top part as well, for added reassurance. The tube label is professional but neutral, appealing to all genders and sexualities. There’s a modern feel, with website and social media platform URLs (Twitter & Facebook) and other info.

The main difference between Licx and the majority of other water based sex lubricants, and the reason why it caught my eye, is because it’s creamy. Aside from the fact that creamy will most probably always catch my attention, it’s actually a pretty damn useful quality for a lube to have. You can see where you’re putting it, where it’s running to (if it’s thin, which Licx isn’t) and it has the added bonus of looking a bit like cum. Which is definitely a bonus if you’re a bit of a perverted bitch like me.

Licx lube doesn’t have any discernible scent and there’s no flavour to it. It’s not meant to be an edible or lickable lube anyway, but it’s nice to know it doesn’t reek or taste absolutely terrible. Unlike some other lubes, Licx doesn’t hold silicone aspirations. Some new lubes have tried to remain water based but with a silicone lube feel. I’m not a huge fan of that infinitely slick feel on my skin until I have a hot soapy wash or shower; I quite like the fact that trad water lubes evaporate over time with heat and friction, leaving me with little to no residue on my skin. Silicone lubes can end up leaving me irritated and itchy, but Licx is a lovely, comfortable, easy to use water based lube which feels caring on my skin, whether in or on my genitals or elsewhere on my body.

Even when I accidentally used more than I really needed, the excess simply wiped away and I felt fresh again after a quick wash.

The main reasons why I love Licx lube are because I can see where I’m putting it, it’s thick enough to be a fantastic lube to use with sex toys, the flip cap dispenser can be used and closed one handed and the tube stands upright on the bedside table.

If you’re interested in the ingredients, here they are:

Purified water, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol, polyethylene oxide, sodium polyacrylate, sodium methylparaben, trideceth-6, sodium propylparaben, hydrogenated polydecene, chlorhexidene digluconate.

Yes, there are parabens in there (hence just 9, not 10 out of 10) so if they bother you it’s probably best to avoid this one. Licx lube is manufactured in the UK and full info is given on the label.

Want your share of Licx? You will soon be able to buy Licx water based sex lubricant here for just £9.99 a tube. Licx lube offer a variety of other lubricant types and quantities, from just £1 for a sample sachet.




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