Review: Give Lube Raspberry Kiss & Cheeky Cherry Oral Pleasure Gels (Flavoured Lubricants)

Give Lube

The Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels:

Cheeky Cherry and Raspberry Kiss Flavoured Lubricants Review

Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels

Ever since their emergence into an already highly saturated market (pun unintended) a few years ago, the Give Lube brand has been getting stronger and more popular than ever, without letup.

The latest additions to Give Pleasure Products, the overall company, are the Cheeky Wash and expandable wipes, and these Oral Pleasure Gels/Flavoured Lubricants. You can find my previous Give Lube sex lubricant reviews here.

Give Lube offer two choices of flavour so far in their flavoured lube range: Raspberry Kiss and Cheeky Cherry. I’ve always had a soft spot for cherry lube, I don’t know whether it’s purely the taste or the connotation with previous, amorous adventures of a lesbian kind.

The bottles of flavoured lube I have each hold 100ml / 3.4 fl oz. The bottle is made of a durable, glossy black plastic, with a black label featuring a splash of the relevant colour as well as full information about the lubricant within. You dispense the lubricant merely by flipping up the lid and squeezing out. You can do this with one hand, usefully.

The lids also entirely unscrew from the bottle, handy when you’re running towards the end of the bottle, to get those last bits out.

Both of these flavoured lubricants from Give Lube are paraben free, dermatologically tested and with the CE mark of medical quality. They are obviously made with oral sex in mind, to give you a different taste than usual when going down on your partner. If you find oral sex unpleasant because of the tastes, these lubes could be perfect for you. Flavoured lubes are also fun to use anyway, the drizzle of fruity taste adding a new dimension to the sexual scene.

Both lubes are water based so they can be used with any material sex toy, even silicone, rubber and jelly, They are also compatible with latex condoms.

During use I was pleasantly surprised that not only did these lubricants taste nice (believe me, some flavoured lubes don’t taste all that good), they work as sexual lubricants too. Other flavoured lubes, particularly those in the Durex range, are suited best purely for oral sex as they get too sticky to be of any practical purpose when it comes to removing friction between bodies or during masturbation with sex toys.

These lubricants do contain glycerin, so if you’re sensitive to this in your lubes then it may be best to stay away from these. I don’t have any adverse reaction to glycerin in lubricants so this doesn’t bother me, but it’s worth stating as I know it’s an issue for many women.

The taste? The best way to describe them is like dipping into a pick n mix bag. Although the flavours are admittedly artificial (what would realistic raspberry and cherry lube taste like anyway?) that’s perfectly ok with me. You know those double cherry sweets you get on the pic n mix sweeties (candy) counter? That’s what the cherry lube tastes like. The raspberry lube tastes like a raspberry version of strawberry shoelaces.

If you’re in the mood for sweets then you’ll love these lubes. I don’t find them overpoweringly sweet and as mentioned, they’re not sticky either. The consistency is the same as regular water based lubricant. Not as thick as anal lube, but not the gloopy substance that other flavoured lubes can get like. Both flavoured lubes drizzle easily, with a colour but transparent quality to the liquid.

Pros: Taste great, actually work as a lubricant, universal appeal easy dispense packaging, reliable brand

Cons: Contain glycerin and not yet sold at enough stockists!

Raspberry Kiss Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua (water), Hydroxypropyl Guar, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid, Aroma (Flavour), CI14700 (FD & C RED No 4).

Cheeky Cherry Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua (water), Hydroxypropyl Guar, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid, Aroma (Flavour), CI14720 (FD & C RED No 4).

I will add buy links as soon as I have them – the 100ml bottles of Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels will be sold at £9.95 a bottle.

21 November 2013 Update

You can now buy the Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels here from Bondara for £9.95 each.

– Cara Sutra



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