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A pleasure object for men which is one of the latest to arrive on Sable’s bedside cabinet is the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. I received this from a now closed sex toys website free of charge to test and review, and have the previous business directors’ blessing to do with this device as I wish. I assume they mean using/testing/reviewing/keeping; not using it to play rounders in the park. Links in this post will point to the wonderful Simply Pleasure, who really deserve your clicks, custom and loyalty, in my opinion.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (Pink Vagina) is a sex toy that my partner and I wanted to test drive for quite a while. I remember seeing a demo version at an old place of work (for product videos! FIlthy minded people) and was always curious about what it would feel like around a real penis. I wanted to be there when it was used and to observe whether it really was as tight and deliciously bumpy as it felt on my finger. This Fleshlight gave me serious envy even from the first time I poked my finger into one; perhaps even more so than that time I anally fisted a Pipedream Products Fuck Me Silly in Germany.

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Although the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a smidge more in price than the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker or the Titus Jack-M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator, you’re left in no doubt that you own a superb, high quality product. From the branded seals on the top of the box, to the glossy and informative packaging which proudly displays the Fleshlight branded durable plastic canister within, this product screams ‘top of the line’.

There’s no messing around once you get inside the box. You get the screw cap Fleshlight masturbator and a little promo leaflet, and that’s it. What more do you need? Ok, so it might have been a nice touch to include some water based lube (find the Fleshlube here£4.95 at the time of writing), but if you’re serious enough to invest in the Stamina Training Unit one would hope you have a ready supply of water based lubricant on hand. On the shelf. Wherever.


Something you must remember is that Fleshlights, or at least the Fleshlights we’ve received so far, all arrive with a ridged hollow plastic cylinder inside. Not all masturbators have this, it appears to be a Fleshlight addition. So don’t dive in head first  – look before you, erm, thrust. This plastic cylinder can be thrown away once you remove it. It’s also a great idea to give your Fleshlight a rinse through and leave it to dry completely before using it. A light sprinkling of cornflour will return the material to an almost as-new silky softness, although you can also buy the Fleshlight Renewing Powder (£6 at the time of writing) which does the same job. If anyone can give me the definitive difference between the official renewing powder and cornflour (corn starch), I’d be most appreciative.

Once we were ready, set and raring to go with the Fleshlight, I think I was almost more excited than he. Actually I know that I was, as his reaction after the queue of male masturbators lately was a despairing, “oh no, not another one”.

He prepared it with some water based lubricant while I prepared him. I won’t bore you with those details. Needless to say it was a very satisfying experience for both of us. He reported back (eventually, and once he’d caught his breath) that it really does feel very tight and the larger than usual nodules inside feel amazing. It’s definitely tighter than the other Fleshlights he’s tried. The Fleshlight ‘real feel’ material feels extremely realistic – even if it does take some warming up – and the texture is flexible and cushioned.

This is the Fleshlight of choice in our (rather impressive) collection of male masturbators and watched him use it several times now and also getting to grips with the cleaning process afterwards I would definitely recommend this to any man who wants a top of the range masturbator that gives intense pleasure.

To clean it you just need to take out the sleeve from the outer plastic canister and rinse through thoroughly. Wait before it’s completely dry before replacing into the device. Only one point knocked off this product, 9/10, as unfortunately real feel materials are porous so you need to make sure you clean them very well indeed. Find out more in my article about how to clean your sex toys properly here.  Also if you’re overly rough with them then they will tear over time, as durable as it may be when you first receive it.

If you’d like to give this amazing male masturbator a try (if you have a penis you really should) then buy the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit here at Simply Pleasure for £52.95 (price correct at the time of writing).

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Post Script

You can also do this with it. You’re horny now, right?

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