Review: DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Rotational Collar


DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Rotational Collar Review


This beautiful, heavy duty collar was sent to me for testing and review purposes, free of charge from Lovehoney. The DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Rotational Collar is priced at £62.99 and is part of the DOMINIX range of black, leather fetish gear which arrived at Lovehoney recently.

Upon opening the discreetly packaged box, I was delighted with the size of the collar straight away. It’s wider than the standard collars, not quite a posture collar but not too far off either. A submissive will definitely know they are wearing it and any attempted glances downwards will certainly remind them of their submissive status.


The 2.25 inches wide strip of black leather is padded for comfort. There is a folded over and stitched hem to the top and bottom, for reinforcement. Overlaid to the front of this is another strip of leather, 1.1 inches in width, not padded this time. There are a total of 14 silver coloured metal rivets holding this front strip of  leather to the main, padded element; 12 of which fasten it to the main area and two of which hold the strong metal buckle to one end. The other end of this leather strip has 10 holes through which the buckle can be fastened to a secure tightness around your willing submissive’s neck.


In the centre of it all, at the front, is a square metal plate. It measures 1 x 1.75 inches and is firmly attached to the collar by way of four screws. A raised circular area in the middle has a round hook protruding from it; a flat disc to the other end, kept inside the plate, allows it freedom of movement to rotate in any direction through 360 degrees. This is a novel alternative to the standard O or D rings on slave collars.

In addition, there is a double trigger clip attached to this round, rotating hook, which can easily be detached and reattached. You are able to use this to easily connect D or O rings from cuffs and other bondage restraints to the central section of the collar, leashes, rope, tethers etc; or you can use the double trigger clip with your other fetish gear as a handy accessory during kinky playtimes and sessions. It’s heavy duty, measuring in at 3.4 inches in length and a max width of 1 inch. Despite its heavy duty appearance and size the triggers open and close smoothly and without any need for excessive strength, as is the case with some lower quality trigger clips.


The collar fastens simply around the neck and it feels very comfortable whilst being worn. I have worn this collar and also fastened it on another… it’s great both ways! Sure, it’s more expensive than most, but you do have to pay for quality and it’s made from leather. I have no hesitation about recommending this collar, as I can tell that it will last for many years and serves as a good investment for those with an interest in all things kinky and BDSM inclined.

I would like to see DOMINIX range of fetish items also available in red. As I have a penchant for red. You may have noticed.

The DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Rotational Collar is priced at £62.99 and available from Lovehoney. Browse the rest of the DOMINIX fetish gear range here.


– Cara Sutra

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