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The Doc Johnson Black Rose Spank & Soothe Erotic Creams Set was sent by Midoo free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

doc johnson black rose collection reviews

I’d seen the Black Rose collection manufactured by Doc Johnson several times in the past but hadn’t obtained any for personal use, despite admiring the unusual goth style packaging which is pretty in deep purple and black tones. It’s a refreshing change to the usual sex industry standard of topless blonde ‘bird’ with pink writing on a white background.




The Black Rose Spank & Soothe Erotic Creams are well presented with professional, alluring packaging and sealed lidded pots of cream. The creams are clearly labelled as for spanking or for post-spanking soothing. I have tried an after spanking cream before and it was a pleasant, positive experience.

Once the transparent plastic seals are removed from the lids of the pots -which work in exactly the same fashion as sealed cosmetic pots, make-up etc – you can unscrew them to reveal the contents. Under the lid there is a plastic disc placed atop the contents which you can remove upon opening and discard if you wish. This helps prevent against spillage if you don’t screw the lids on tightly enough. Again, it’s very similar to facial moisturiser packaging.

The pre-spank cream is a rose pink colour and the post-spank cream (soothe) is a semi-opaque white. Unfortunately this does resemble thick ejaculate which leaves you both at risk of a fit of the giggles. I say unfortunately; if you’re a fan of this lube then you’ll love the resemblance. it certainly didn’t put us off. ūüėČ

The pre-spank cream (pink) is applied to the skin you plan to get spanked (or spank) before the action. In just a few moments you feel a spread of heat throughout the area where the cream has been applied. The warmed up flesh means that you’re ready for the pleasure of punishment even faster. From cold flesh you normally need to (or rather, most prefer to) warm up to a heavier spanking by a series of light taps and spanks to the skin first so that the skin acclimatises somewhat. With the pre-spank cream the skin tingles and feels warm, similar to that stage of spanking where you’ve had a light hand spanking or paddling.

After being spanked we applied the post-spank ‘Soothe’ cream. I was cynical as to whether this would actually do anything but to my surprise it did lead to a spreading cool effect over the surface of spanked skin.

Both creams can of course be used anywhere on the body you choose, and in fact the soothing cream felt lovely on aching leg muscles at the end of a long day. However it is recommended that you only spank fleshy areas of the body such as the buttocks and the backs of the thighs so that no damage (temporary or lasting) comes to the recipient.

By the way, the warm-up pre-spank ¬†cream also makes for a hot ‘n heavy warming, tingling arousal gel when used over the labia and around the clitoral area… Try this at your own risk though as this is not the officially advised use for this product. I have photographed the ingredients for you so that you can make up your own mind in this regard.

The creams smell pleasant too, similar to the Body Shop strawberry body moisturiser. They’re not as rich and luxurious, they’re light and easily absorbed though.

I really like these creams and they’re something we do and will use regularly whether alone or with each other.

If you’d like to try them out, buy the Doc Johnson Spank & Soothe Erotic Creams here at for ¬£19.58.

Don’t forget to use checkout code ‘CARA’ for 10% off your first order.


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