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Pjur Cult Latex Dressing Aid, Care & Conditioner

Pleasure Panel review by Cammies on the Floor

Pjur Cult is a dressing aid and conditioner for rubber and latex; which makes it easier for you to dress in these materials, makes it super shiny and eye catching, and takes care of what is often expensive materials by treating it and prolonging the lifespan.

pjur cult latex care and conditioner review 2

I was thrilled when I opened the package and discovered the latex/rubber conditioner was Pjur Cult, it is one that I personally recommend the most. Using Cult, and taking normal safe storage/care for my latex items, has helped make several of my items (catsuits, hoods, and gloves) last for several years. Additionally, there is a noticeable difference in using Cult, as I find it has less residue “slippery-ness” found after using other silicone-based lubes for dressing.

I was so excited, I asked my friend to bring over a few of his things that he just ordered so that we could treat it for pictures to show the difference.

One drawback I’ve found with it is the price – a small bottle is a tad more expensive in comparison to other silicone based lubes of a similar size (and another reason why I was so excited to be receiving this product to review!). You are getting a quality product with what you’re paying for it, so I find alternating its use with other silicone lubes for dressing works well if I’m trying to save money, but ultimately I am still using Cult on my items regardless of the cost.

For anyone that’s never tried latex clothing on before, putting something that’s skin tight and tends to stick to you and itself requires some sort of assistance. Some people use a powder, however in latex or rubber the body gets hot and sweaty, making the powder a gooey white mess. That’s where silicone based lubes and dressing aids for putting on latex come in. Pjur Cult is one of the best in the silicone dressing aid category items. I have breasts and wide hips and do not struggle to slip into my tight clothing or gear with Cult. My friend is hairy, and the hair does not catch or get tugged while he slips into his latex or rubber gear with this dressing aid.

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Putting a small amount inside the latex glove

Not only does Cult make your latex easier to put on, it will actually help your latex remain soft, supple, and shiny even after using it only a few times. When you look at a brand new out of the bag latex glove treated with it, you will see the difference versus just normal silicone lube. We took some latex gloves that were new and untreated, placed the tiniest amounts of Cult on the material, and rubbed it gently in. It’s instant gratification for beautiful shiny, and it stays shiny for a long time. A little bit goes a long way, so apply sparingly. For a lot of people, it’s the super shiny of the material that makes latex so appealing, it’s the smooth supple material that you touch, that clings to your skin. Cult helps bring out all the best in this fetish gear.

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Rubbing some on the glove, you can see where the pinky finger is already shinier.

cammies on the floor reviews-3

A treated and untreated glove comparison

cammies on the floor reviews-4

untreated side to show the difference on a latex dress

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So pretty it needed its own photo shoot

Cult did not leave my hands greasy feeling, it didn’t leave a stain on my towels under the materials. When the material easily glided across my skin when I put it on a latex dress, it did not leave my skin feeling wet or gooey; when I took off the dress I didn’t feel the need to rinse off due to a residue “lube feeling”.

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The tiniest amount rubbed into the inside of one glove, comparison

Cult will help your items last and keep that soft, silky feeling that is such a draw with latex. It actually permeates the latex and rubber materials when it’s applied to the clothing and treats it so you’re doing your latex, rubber, and especially your wallet a favor by using it. Worth the price.

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Treating rubber on a gas mask

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– Cammies on the Floor

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Cammies on the Floor for this guest review of the Pjur Cult Latex Dressing Aid, Care & Conditioner (100ml bottle, usually priced at £12.99) You can read my review of the Pjur Cult Latex Spray here.

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