pjur cult latex dressing aid and conditioner guest review Review by DominaDoll




Made in Germany

Manufacturer- Pjur Group

For- Dressing Aid for Latex, Rubber and Leather

Ingredients- Cyciopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.


If you have ever struggled with trying to squeeze into a latex or rubber outfit, you know how difficult it can be.  Most latex clothes are made 10 sizes too small and stretch to fit, so you get that skin tight, second skin kind of look.  So, without any type of dressing aid, it can be nearly impossible to get the clingy latex on as it sticks to your sweaty skin as you flay about trying to get the darn thing on.

In the past, most latex enthusiasts would use talcum powder or silicone lubricant to aid in the dressing process, both of which are not at all ideal when it comes to latex or rubber.  Talcum is first of all not body-safe, so I hate the thought of even using it.  Plus, the powder gets wet with sweat and icky as the night wears on.  Silicone can actually break the latex material down and cause permanent damage, causing the material to degrade and become more prone to ripping and tearing as well as discolor or stain it.

The Solution?

Pjur Cult Conditioner Dressing Aid & Conditioner is made especially as a latex dressing aid and shiner in one.  Plus it helps maintain the durability and suppleness of the material, ensuring that your hot latex outfit lasts for many a night out.

Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Dressing Aid and Conditioner review

How to Use as a Dressing Aid:

Apply a small amount of the liquid to your body and rub in.  The liquid feels like silicone lubricant at first, but leaves the skin silky (not gooey or wet) feeling like a powdered spray.  Once coated, ease on your rubber or latex item.  If it is an especially tight fitting item like latex stockings, you can also apply to the inside of the material and smoosh it around so it forms a thin barrier.  This will take the fight and struggle out of your latex wearing experience.

As a Conditioner and Shining Product:

Pjur Cult Conditioner Dressing Aid & Conditioner can also be used to shine up your outfit after you’ve put it on.  Add a small amount to clothing and gently rub with a lint-free cloth until the surface gleams.  Be careful not to rub too hard as that can remove the shine and excessive rubbing may even damage the latex.

Pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Dressing Aid and Conditioner review

The shine on latex builds over time with multiple uses and Pjur Cult Conditioner Dressing Aid & Conditioner will help your sexy latex fetish fashions last much longer.

Great product!


Xxx DominaDoll


About Domina Doll:

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Domina Doll for this guest review of the Pjur Cult Latex Dressing Aid & Conditioner (100ml bottle, usually priced at £12.99). You can read other Pjur product reviews here and buy Pjur lubricants & essentials here at Lovehoney.

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