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Adore, Pasante

Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet

Pleasure Panel review by Lil Miss X

I was surprised when I opened the Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet as the packaging was so small and discreet. A lot of sex toys I buy seem think a tiny item needs packaging that is ridiculously huge. This was a small purple box with a handwriting type font that says ‘vibrating bullet’. If you look carefully there is a black and purple couple kissing on the packaging. I like the look as it’s so simple. It also has a little window so that you can see what’s inside.

Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review Lil Miss X

My first impression of the bullet was that it is small, discreet enough to drop into your handbag if you were to take it out with you. I like the look of it, a nice pink colour with a small black push button on the top, and a black washer around the seal.


Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review Lil Miss X

It smelt quite heavily of plastic when it came out of the packet, but I imagine this smell will go with use and the more it is handled. It’s quite small, about 1-1.5 inches long and made of a soft plastic which would be quite easy to clean.

One issue I found with the bullet was that it is powered with watch type batteries. I find this quite annoying as they are expensive batteries to buy, although I am not sure how long the batteries will last in the bullet. Especially if you do not take them out after each use.

Personally the vibrations were not powerful enough, but I like my vibrators to be very strong. I also found that when I took the batteries out while using it the second time, as soon as I put the batteries back in – even without the top – it started to vibrate. Then the button wouldn’t work at all. I finally got it all together again properly and the button still didn’t work, it will now only vibrate if I press and hold the button.

Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review Lil Miss X

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get off with it. It just kept me right on the edge and frustrated, which was quite a lot of fun anyway, if truth be told.

With it being sold at £4.99 I would say this is quite good value for money. Although I wasn’t able to ‘finish’ with it, it would be fun to have a partner teasing me with it – or even teasing myself. I would recommend this product to a friend, and I have already! I would not say this is a bargain but it isn’t overpriced either.

– Lil Miss X

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss E for this guest review of the Pasante Adore Vibrating Bullet (£4.99). This small and discreet bullet vibrator takes 3x LR44 batteries which are included.

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