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Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer The Sex Demon

Thanks again to Cara for allowing me to test another great product for the Pleasure Panel. This time it was the Original Inverma Spanish Fly from sextoys.co.uk.


The Original Inverma Spanish Fly box is almost 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Trust me though size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it that matters 😉

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There is a naked woman on the front and back of the Original Inverma Spanish Fly box masturbating (same picture). The front of the box is in English with the lettering ‘Original INVERMA SPANISH FLY’  and the back of the box ‘Original INVERMA SPANISCHE FLEIGE D5’ which is German. Immediately I could see that this product was not developed in the UK. Inside the box is a small 10ml bottle. Like I said, size doesn’t matter.

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

The lid of the Original Inverma Spanish Fly box has rudimentary instructions stating it ‘Can be taken in any drink’. On the side of the box, it says ‘Method of use: Not more than 15 drops daily. Can be mixed with any drink.’

What is Spanish Fly?

Other than knowing the Original Inverma Spanish Fly is an Aphrodisiac I had no idea what it was, how to use it properly, what was in it, or what it may do to me. With not much more to go on than knowing it was a liquid that had to be consumed I went to Google and searched for it.

First thing – if you are going to try this, don’t do that – it will put you right off. The first thing that came up was the negative things relating to Spanish Fly. I read about how it was originally made from crushed up dried beetles known as Spanish flies which produce a chemical called cantharis, which is made from the crushed remains of dried beetles known as Spanish Fly (Cantharis vesicatoria). This chemical creates a rush of blood to the sexual organs; however, too much of this drug was found to be lethal. Reading this really did put me off trying the product.

The more I read from the official site the more I learned, and I found out that the old way of making it is long gone. Now, Original Inverma Spanish Fly is made from 100% safe herbal products in a laboratory. Phew.

First Use

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

To be totally honest I’ve had a pretty dry month or so when it comes to sex and my libido was through the floor. I hoped that these magic drops would do the trick and make me feel horny again. I added about 5 to 7 drops of Original Inverma Spanish Fly to a drink and then proceeded to drink said beverage. The INVERMA website said that after 20 minutes you’ll be good to go. I didn’t really feel much to be truthful and gave it up as a bad job.

More Solo Uses

I tried again, adding more drops to different drinks hoping that something would work for me. I was sat there ‘willing’ the Original Inverma Spanish Fly to do something to me. I tried to notice any feelings in the downstairs area. Alas, I couldn’t feel anything. I have however regained my libido somewhat recently but not sure if it was related to this product.

Is Spanish Fly For Men?

Well, this is the question I asked myself after not feeling much from it. The INVERMA website site was not too clear, as on one page it says ‘men and women’ and on another, it says ‘women’. So I’m still at a loss?

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

Used With My Female Partner

This was make or break for this product in my view. Will the Original Inverma Spanish Fly have any effect on either of us? I added 6 drops – may have been more (not easy as you have to shake the bottle) into each of our drinks. 20-or-so minutes later I was not feeling much different again, however, my partner was a little more in-the-zone than normal.

She normally has a really high sex drive anyway, but did it enhance the sex? Definitely. To me, my partner seemed more aroused and enjoyed it more than usual.

Will we use the Original Inverma Spanish Fly again? Well, yes – I think so. We will try it again and let you know if the continued use of it improves our sex sessions.


In summary, I don’t think the Original Inverma Spanish Fly is much use for men, even though the Official INVERMA website states that it is, in some of its literature. We give this 6.5 out 10 as it worked for her but not so much for me.

– The Sex Demon

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer The Sex Demon for this Spanish Fly review. Buy yours today:

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

The Original Inverma Spanish Fly was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Sextoys.co.uk. Thank you! 🙂 

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

Original Inverma Spanish Fly Review

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