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Nexus Revo Intense Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Jon Pressick from Sex in Words

I gasped.

This doesn’t usually happen with sex toys anymore, especially on the first try. Usually I try a new sex product, I look at the packaging, read the instructions, set it up and charge it (if necessary). The whole “first time” routine can get a little tedious. So, the first time using any toy can be a little underwhelming. I’m usually all worked up and ready to go, but taking and accounting for the details is not exciting. The birthday present feel has fallen off. And call me jaded, but so many sex toys have come and gone from my bed that it takes something truly special to really surprise me.

Well, the Nexus Revo Intense Vibrating Prostate Massager sure did. Not at first, but eventually.

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At first, I was a bit underwhelmed. While most of this prostate stimulation toy is a decent feeling silicone, part of it is actually hard plastic. Just the handle, mind you, but still. This hard handle does house the magnetic charger, which is a nice touch, though not always easy to connect. I really liked the idea of it at first, as it was easy to connect the first time. In subsequent attempts, I’ve had to fumble at little as I would attach the charger and it would fall off by the time I set the toy back on the night side table. This is minor annoyance consider the significant pleasure  the Nexus Revo Intense is capable of providing.

Before I slipped the Nexus Revo Intense inside myself, I turned it on to ensure it was fulling function. I had read about the oscillating tip, but I’ve never had much luck with other toys offering that feature. When I was ready to go, in it went and I immediately felt the Nexus touch my prostate. Promising start! And then…

I gasped. As soon as I turned the toy on, it went into spinning tip mode and tap-danced acrossed my prostate. Around and around it went and I reacted every time. They sure had it right by including “Intense” in the name! The prostate stimulation of the Nexus Revo Intense is out of this world. No prostate toy I’ve ever tried has ever come close to this one. Already in a state, I activated and tried the different vibration modes and set off on a journey to my p-spot oasis.

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Flat out, the Nexus Revo Intense is a great prostate masturbator.

However, I cannot say the Nexus Revo Intense is perfect; it has a few challenges. Primary among these is the need for concerted positioning. I tried it out in both solo and partnered play and in each, movement can cause you to lose your sweet spot—even a slight shift. The oscillating tip can easily miss the prostate if it isn’t situated perfectly and everybody’s body is slightly different. The toy also features a vibration pad for the perineum, but that didn’t do anything for me because it didn’t reach when I was working the prostate Just be aware that these toys are very difficult to design with every body shape in mind.


I also found that this toy is best played with solo. Sure, it can feel awesome when combined with oral or manual stimulation, but it so overpowering and intense that those other sensations might be too much for some. And did I say intense? This is definitely not a beginner toys. Someone new to prostate play might feel like their p-spot has just gone 12 rounds with Muhammed Ali should they try it.  However, if you are eager to try prostate milking for pleasure or health reasons, this is the product for you.

As someone experienced in prostate stimulation, the Nexus Revo Intense is a fantastic addition to my pleasure chest. Those new to the game might want to try some smaller, less intense products before getting on this train. That said, hopefully you do make it up to the Nexus Revo Intense—I bet it makes you gasp too.

Rating: 8/10 — a really awesome toy, but just a bit fussy.

– Jon Pressick

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Jon Pressick from Sex in Words for this guest review of the Nexus Revo Intense Vibrating Prostate Massager (£120)

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Hello there. My name is Kenneth and my email is: [email protected] – Everything that Jon Pressick stated about the Nexus Revo Intense Vibrating Prostate Massager is absolutely true! Wow. What a beautiful Massager this is. Unfortunately I have tried to contact the manufacturer in the U.K. About what’s wrong with one material in the device with no secess. I’ve gone thru two of these units and both broke in the same place. The long rod inside connecting the motor to the rotating ball is made of plastic. In each of the two units I bought that rod broke. What a dame shame! This is the best and most perfect Prostate Massager ever delveloped. I dearly miss it. I don’t understand why they can’t make the rod inside out of light aluminum! If anyone knows whom to talk to where it’s manufactured, by all means tell them what I just wrote above! Thank You.

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