Mates Extra Lubricated SKYN Condoms

Pleasure Panel Review by Angechaotiques

The Mates Extra Lubricated SKYN Condoms were sent to me free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review, as part of the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel. Mates is the second largest condom manufacturer in the UK, originally launched by Sir Richard Branson in 1987. With various ranges of condoms to choose from, the SKYN brand stands out from the rest considerably in terms of style, branding and the word that is used all too often to describe them – “REVOLUTIONARY!”

Mates Extra Lubricated SKYN Condoms Review Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel

Mates Extra Lubricated SKYN Condoms

OK, let’s see then, revolutionary eh? I want to find out what sort of revolution these condoms are making!

The packaging is very nicely designed, unlike the very playful appearance of some brands; the SKYN range gives the impression that it really does take itself seriously. The black box with its gold stylised logo looks very sophisticated and has a sense of sensuality about it.
The words “Closest Thing To Wearing Nothing” are brazenly placed directly under the brand name followed by yet another bold claim of “Clinically proven to enhance stimulation”.

The condoms themselves are, as expected, individually wrapped in black and gold foil. This foil is very easy to tear open from the perforated edges giving a peace of mind that the condoms are not going to be damaged upon retrieval from the packet.

Now, getting down to the nitty gritty, it’s time to try out the condom as it was intended.

Material: Polyisoprene
Nominal width: 53mm
Length: 190mm

These condoms are made from a material called polyisoprene, which is very similar in density, texture and strength to latex. For those that have an aversion or allergy to natural rubber latex, these are ideal due to them completely free of the substance.

After carefully removing the condom from the foil and checking it was the right way round, I placed it at the end of my readily erect penis. Holding the teat between finger and thumb of one hand, I used the other hand to carefully roll the condom down the shaft. Ah, first problem encountered. The condom was quite difficult to get on and I struggled to roll it over where the foreskin meets the glans. With a little perseverance however, I prevailed. Perhaps I should have gone for a larger size. I’m not bragging!

My first observation upon wearing this condom was that it didn’t feel at all “Extra Lubricated” as the box clearly stated. Just using my hand, there was still a fair amount of friction whilst stroking the length of my cock. Observation number two was a frightfully disappointing one. Despite claims of being the “closest thing to wearing nothing” the sensation when massaging my cock head was virtually non-existent. This condom felt no thinner, no softer and no more natural than many other condoms I had worn before. Personally, for a more natural feel, I think the condom should be shaped with more width toward the end of the penis to accommodate the head.

So far, I’m disappointed, but worry not, all is not lost!

With the help of my trusty assistant, I wanted to find out if SKYN had managed to the one thing I abhor about condoms in general. For this test, I required the use of his mouth and tongue.
Now I am (as I am sure most men are) quite a fan of oral sex and my waning erection began to stiffen once more in anticipation of this part! Unfortunately, once again, the stimulation was nigh on absent, but that wasn’t what I needed to know. How did it taste? Well bonus points go to SKYN condoms for being virtually tasteless!

By this point, I just wanted the condom off, I wasn’t even going to bother using it for sex, it was uncomfortable and I had much more interesting products in my drawer that I intended to use…!


Mates SKYN condoms are, as a regular condom, not a bad product at all. Unfortunately, the claims of being like “skin on skin” or “wearing nothing” I felt were unwarranted. The extra lubrication was unnecessary as, if these condoms were going to be used for anything other than vaginal sex with an already very wet pussy, extra lube would definitely be needed. If you are allergic to latex, then yes, these are for you, but otherwise, I’d choose another brand. Pretty box though…


As a condom: 6/10 (includes bonus point for not tasting nasty!)
As a revolutionary, extra lubricated, ultra-thin condom: 2/10

Overall: 4/10


Thanks to angechaotiques for this fantastic review of the Mates SKYN Extra Lubricated condoms, provided by SKYN themselves.

You can buy Mates SKYN condoms here at a low priced sex shop online, which has a points reward system and plenty of other adult offers. Enjoy!

– Cara Sutra

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