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ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Edger

After a couple of months off from reviewing, I was really happy to be chosen by Cara in the January round to review the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Realistic Masturbator.  With a price of £69.99 at the time of writing the review, it was clear that the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker is placed into the market range currently occupied by products such as the Fleshlight range.

I was intrigued by the marketing that I found when waiting for the product to arrive.

“Slip inside the winner of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest with the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Realistic Masturbator. Putting the latest technology to good use, 3D scanning creates a replica of the winner’s vagina for intensely realistic stimulation.”

Now, I have to admit that I had not heard of the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest, so had a quick Google to see if this was indeed a thing, and turns out it is.  It is quite a surreal webpage where the prize is to have your vagina realistically recreated onto a variety of masturbation devices.

I now felt under pressure, as a previous user of the Fleshlight range, I am used to having a moulding of a famous pornstar in the devices I use, however, we now have a product with not just a casting of a pornstar, but in fact a casting of the Most Beautiful Vagina in the World!

So, the parcel arrived, and even before opening the package, I was shocked at how heavy it was.  The ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker really is a sturdy lump of silicone and even though it comes well packaged, it is quite evident that the weight of this thing is significant.

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

The packaging of the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker is quite detailed and gives a lot of information about the product itself.  According to the outside of the box, which leaves no doubt as to the contents, it weighs in at 646g of flesh-like silicone that is created to feel exactly like the inside of a vagina and it has dimensions of 7.48” long with a 2.4” diameter.  It also describes that the silicone is non-porous and will last for a “long, long time”.

The key instruction that I took from the outside of the box, was that the tightness of the sleeve would be controlled through the use of the hand holding the sleeve.  Some of the other items that I have reviewed recently have used some more clever gimmicks here to vary the tightness or vacuum, so this potentially felt a little bit clumsy, or old school.

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

Upon opening the packaging, the masturbator itself is well sealed in a vacuum bag, to ensure the freshness.  When finally I got through the plastic packaging, the silicone is very soft and smooth to the touch and is also free from any odour or noticeable smell. The Silicone used is phthalates-free, which is always a good thing. Also, I would say in terms of quality of material used for the sleeve, it certainly feels worthy of the price range that it sits in.  The ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker feels of comparable quality to a Fleshlight, just a lot heavier.  The packaging also contains some instructions to take note of with regards to cleaning, storage and which lubricant to use.

So, as the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker is manufactured from 100% silicone, as it is very clearly stated in the instructions, that a water-based lubricant is needed here.  Silicone based lubricants will affect the lifetime of this sleeve.  So on with some lubricant and away we go.

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

The entrance to the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker is very tidy – I guess you would expect that, however, from a direct cast from the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina. As you penetrate the sleeve, the lips grip well and it has a pleasant, not-too-alien sensation.  The inside features a range of bumps that are shown clearly on the outside of the box.  These provide a very nice sensation and are not subtle during use.  However, a nice feature of Fleshlight products is that the inserts can have different textures depending on how far you penetrate. So, if you like the ribbed sensation that this item is offering, I would certainly not deter you based upon the sensation.

The depth of the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker I found to also be fine. It has a small opening at the far end and it really felt comfortable in use.

The one thing that obviously stands out when directly comparing with a Fleshlight is the lack of a hard-plastic outer casing. I thought that I would miss this, however, I actually found that I liked the option to use your hand to vary the tightness to give you a range of sensations during use.  The bumps in the lining of the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker really respond well to the range of pressure that you apply. So, something that I was not too sure about actually became a little bit of a positive.  The silicone itself, feels as though it is a little more rigid and dense than a Fleshlight so holds its shape well during use.

I would say one thing that I found both brilliant and a curse is the weight of this thing.  The weight helps to make it feel like a real quality product and adds to the depth of sensation that you are feeling; however, it does begin to feel a little like a workout after prolonged use.  Swings and roundabouts here between comfort and sensation.

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

After use, the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker is easily cleaned up with a mixture of hot soapy water and some sex toy specific cleaner, before storage ready for the next time.

In summary, I would say that I was a big fan of this product, it sits well in direct comparison with other masturbators in this price range. I would personally have liked to see a little more variety in the lining, however, the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker really does provide a nice sensation, with the heavy weight of the sleeve really adding to the sensation.


– Edger

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Edger for this review of the ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker.

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

The ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

ManGasm Lifetime Silicone Stroker Review

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