Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review


Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

As one of the lucky winners in a recent Lovehoney competition, I was able to choose an item of Lovehoney lingerie as my prize – from the brand new collections. The Lovehoney Parisienne Lingerie Collection caught my eye immediately, and the intriguing red shade of this particular set was the cherry on the cake, as it were. Mind made up, I requested the gorgeous looking Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set in Medium.

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

Thanks Lovehoney!

Post & Packaging

The Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set was sent quickly and discreetly as are all my packages from Lovehoney. The bra set comes just in an easily disposed of transparent plastic outer wrap – no unnecessary packaging here, which is great news.

First Impressions

The colour intrigued me first of all – it’s definitely a red wine colour, not a post box red, or a scarlet, crimson or blood red. Then the design of the set; the lightly padded cups of the bra teamed with the satin hemmed deep V in the centre, and the boned lace section beneath the cups, made me hope that it fit me well and comfortably. It’s definitely a headturner.

My heart sank slightly when I saw that the matching knickers in the set are crotchless – crotchless knickers just aren’t my thing. In the past I haven’t found them very comfortable, and they don’t make me feel sexier, either. I’m more of a “wear underwear and pull it aside for sexy playtimes, or wear none at all” type woman. However, I was prepared to give the knickers a try – after all, they’re incredibly pretty.

The wide lace band and shape of the knickers provides a glamorous retro feel, quite pin-up. The four suspender straps, two to the front and two to the rear, are removable, I was delighted to notice. Bonus points for versatility. Sometimes I have difficulties attaching suspender clasps, or don’t want to wear stockings, or find the straps are the wrong length for me, so to know I can remove them if necessary is fantastic.

I was really looking forward to trying the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set on.

Material & Size

The website states that the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set is made from lace and mesh, while the tags on the items give you a more in-depth breakdown. 87 polyamide 10 elastane and 3% polyester.

The gusset of the knickers is crotchless, but not in the typical ‘couple of shoelaces’ type way. It’s a 100% cotton covered gusset, as in typical knickers, with a defined slit down the centre.

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

I have the Medium size of the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set, which is stated to fit a UK dress size 10-12.

Care Instructions

The Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set is handwash only, which makes sense due to the different material types, straps and nature of the set.

Putting It On

There are three rows of hook and eyes to the rear of the bra, and three tightness options on that band, too.

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

It’s a typical bra fastening, if a little more secure than most, probably to ensure the longline style fits comfortably and securely. I was happy about this as it’s both a comfy fastening and familiar/easy to do up.

I also stepped into the knickers with ease and was happy to note that the suspender clasps didn’t slide out of their loops, as some detachable suspender clasps often do with lower quality pieces. The waistband of the knickers sits higher up than I’m used to, but I was surprised at both how comfortable it was and how flattering – with my small waist/wide hip ratio.

Fit & Feel

Once in both the bra and knickers of the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set, I could properly gather my thoughts on the comfort and fit of the set as a whole. Having lost a little more weight since other recent reviews, I’ve gone from a DD to a C cup in a matter of weeks. This has helped the Lovehoney medium size bras fit me even better than they did before. My Seduce Me bra fits me better now, and this Lovehoney Parisienne bra fits flatteringly.

I’m not sure how it would fit/look on people with either much larger or much smaller cup sizes, or how the relevant size sets would be manufactured in order to fit very large or very small boobs. I just know that the medium bras feel comfortable on me now as a 34, almost a 32C bra size.

The straps of the bra took a little fiddling to get into the best position, but wasn’t too difficult. Once on, the bra felt really comfy.

As I’ve mentioned, I was surprised and pleased with how comfortable and flattering the higher waistband knickers were. It’s definitely a departure from my usual underwear style but I’ve enjoyed going a little pin-up retro. Although made with lace and mesh, I don’t feel that the knickers are too fragile. I can’t be doing with underwear that a) costs the earth and then b) frightens me every time I pull them on because I might put a hole in the tissue paper thin material, ruining it beyond repair. I mean, I could pop a hole in the lace if I really tried, but I doubt it’s going to happen accidentally – which is a relief.

I was also happy that you can’t tell the knickers are crotchless whether from the front or back view while I’m wearing them. It’s like a gusset-based secret only for me and for whoever I decide to share it with.

Wearing the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set made me feel really confident and sexy, and the surprising comfort factor of what’s designed to be a sensual lingerie set added to that fact immeasurably.

What He Says

After the usual (read: safe) responses of “you look good in everything” and the teasing “I think it would look better on the carpet, hehe” I managed to get some serious thoughts out of the man about this set. Ones that would actually be helpful in a product review.

He says the colour really suits me and it honestly does look really good, and is very sexy. He likes the option for adding stockings due to the suspender clasps, because I have “really sexy legs”. He also requested that I pack it for our upcoming hotel break… that’ll be fun!


I hadn’t thought it possible to find a lingerie set which so brilliantly and seemingly effortlessly combines everyday-wear resilience & comfort levels, glamorous retro elegance and instant, raunchy bedroom appeal. And even if I had thought it possible, I didn’t think it would be available in such a beautiful, red wine colour.

The Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set ticks all the above boxes. Not only that, but you don’t have to take out a loan in order to afford it, either. The set costs just £39.99, which is fantastic value and very affordable.

If red wine isn’t your colour, the set is also available in black. There’s a range of sizes available including plus size.

The only thing that could possibly make it better, as I’ve previously said about underwired Lovehoney lingerie, is to make the items available in specific bra sizes. I understand this would be considerably more difficult to arrange, however. As it stands, I fit into the medium size beautifully right now and I’m incredibly happy that I chose to add the Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set to my lingerie collection.

Where To Buy Yours

Buy your Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set, in your choice of Red Wine or Black, directly from Lovehoney. Postage is cheap, fast and very discreet. There are also regular special offers that you really should check out! Happy sexy shopping.

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

Lovehoney Parisienne Wine Plunge Longline Bra Set Review

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