Lingerie Review: Roza Grase Black Bra (34D) from Segzi


Roza Grase Black Bra (34D) Lingerie Review

Segzi Roza Grase bra 34D lingerie review

This beautiful bra was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review by the lovely people over at Segzi. The Roza Grase Black Bra costs £22.99 and is part of a vast selection of lingerie and large range of Roza bras and sets they have for sale.

I must say I was quite reticent about selecting more lingerie to review, after I had to give sad feedback to a company recently that their item of lingerie was just such a poor fit that I didn’t even want to put it on again. It was a sad experience trying it on, and it made me feel not just like I was too big or out of proportion but that I might not even be human shaped, after all. That’s not what lingerie is meant to do, in my opinion.

So often we women buy or try out lingerie and it’s just the wrong cut, size, fit. It’s uncomfortable and makes us feel about as sexy as wearing pyjamas made from brillo pads and barbed wire.

Still, I held out hope that there must be some lingerie sold somewhere other than good old M&S or the mountains of mummy bras and G-strings piled up in Primark which fits, looks good and feels good too. Is it possible to buy lingerie from the internet and like it? Would I wear this bra more than the one time I tried it on for photos, before flinging it to the rejects pile in frustration?


I’m happy to report that the Roza Grase Black Bra fits me wonderfully. The cups are true to size (well my size, anyway – I’m a 34D) and there isn’t any of that mysterious discomfort or chafing you sometimes get with new bras or bras from unknown manufacturers. On top of this, it’s cute AND sexy. Look at it! Black, delicate, feminine, lace edged and with highlights of pink floral decoration. There’s a central bow to draw the attention where you want it, to the depths of your cleavage, and the adjustable straps are slim and sexy yet strong enough to support your assets. No over the shoulder boulder holder straps here, thank you very much.

it also arrived wrapped in tissue in a cute little box. Very luxurious if you’re planning to give it as a gift – and it feels extra special if you’re treating yourself.


A lot of lingerie sold on sex toy or adult shopping websites is pretty much designed to be bedroom wear only. A few moments for your partner to be tantalised by the view, then a quick fumble with the ultra-delicate (read: breakable) ribbon straps and it’s kicked under the bed in a glorious crescendo of passionate sex. You don’t know how to wash it, how to put the straps back in, how to wear it under clothes and tuck all the ribbons out of view or if you’ll be able to go to the loo while wearing it without stripping everything off each and every time.

Not so with the Roza Grase Black Bra. Not only is it seductive and gorgeous, it’s true day to evening wear. There’s no problems wearing this under your everyday clothes (be it workwear or pyjamas) and there’s no special ‘read up, you need to be an expert’ way you put it on or take it off. It’s simply a bra, a beautiful one at that. Standard double hook and eye fasten at the back, with three tightness choices. The shoulder straps are adjustable, to get as close to a tailored fit as possible.

The material is labelled as: 75% Polyamid, 20% Elastane, 5% Cotton.

I’m happy to recommend the Roza Grase Black Bra and I think you can tell how much I like it from all the photos I took! If you’re into your matching sets, you’ll be happy to hear that the items in the Grase and Scarlet collections of Roza lingerie are interchangeable.

Want it for yourself? Well you can’t have mine (on second thoughts, I may be open to unbelievably generous offers) but you can buy the Roza Grase Black Bra (sizes between 32C to 38D) here for £22.99. Check out the rest of the Roza lingerie collection at Segzi here.


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