The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace

Pleasure Panel review by Teal Valentine

The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace is a book I’ve seen recommended many, many times. I’ve heard that it was a great read so I wanted to get my hands on it for about a year now, but just never got the chance to – until Cara Sutra kindly sent me a copy.

The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace Book Review Pleasure Panel Cara Sutra

I must admit that, up to the moment I actually had it in my hands, I had no idea what the book was going to be about. I usually research a book thoroughly before reading, but not this time – even though I’ve known about it for such a long time. This is the story of Rita, a woman who wants to enter a secret sexual club after an encounter with a sexy stranger on the train. As you may have already guessed, her initiation involves sex, and lots of it.

I’m conflicted about this book. Whilst I enjoyed a couple of chapters and a few scenes, I was a bit disappointed with the story line. The first chapter is so misleading! It’s probably the best thing from the whole book and sets the bar so high that none of the other chapters can match its greatness. The scene is hot, sexy and made me wish those things were happening to me! The way it’s written is just amazing and makes me wish the rest of the book was set in that tone.

The book starts off great, but by the time I got to the end I was pretty much skim reading, just wanting to finish it already because it was getting repetitive. As with any kind of erotica, you are bound to come across some hilarious and cringe-worthy terms used to describe the human anatomy and any sexual acts. ‘Cunny’ and ‘girlie muscles’ were probably the funniest used in this book and made me giggle every time they were mentioned. I wish I could read an erotic piece of writing without laughing out loud every couple of chapters – sadly that was not the case this time.

Aside from the distractions caused by the choice of words to describe a woman’s private parts, the book wasn’t bad. There were moments that made me question the things that turn me on, but I won’t give those away – let’s just say that Zoos and pets have never been so arousing and fascinating before. I recall there being one chapter that confused me so much and had nothing to do with the story, I honestly have no idea why it was included and what it was supposed to add because I simply didn’t see the point in it.

Overall this book is worth reading – it’s certainly not the best I’ve come across but it isn’t bad. It is a little bit repetitive but it also includes original scenes of sexual acts I’ve never encountered before.


– Teal Valentine

Thank you so much to Teal Valentine for this guest review of The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace. You can buy this book at, find out more on Goodreads and catch KD Grace’s spotlight post here and KD Grace’s website here.



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