These condoms have been reviewed by John D from blog right here at He has reviewed the Extra Lubricated pack of 10 SKYN condoms, as part of my recent project to gather many reviews for these condoms from Mates SKYN.

Thank you also to SKYN for originally providing all the packs of free condoms to test and review (still a couple of packs left – Contact me), as well as to John D for reviewing these condoms.

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mates skyn extra lubricated condoms review

I have a small confession to make: my wife and I rarely use condoms; we just don’t like them. We used to use them when we were first dating, but we have always found that they have too much of a desensitising effect on me and it leads to excessively delayed ejaculation.

We found TheyFit Condoms a few months ago, which make latex prophylactics to 95 different sizes; we found that I am considerably wider than the average man but of average length and purchased several condoms of size “S21” and it made a significant difference. They are now my de-facto choice for condoms, but when I saw Cara was seeking reviews for the Mates Skyn, I was more than welcome to give them a go: they claim to be the closest thing to feeling nothing.

At the time of use, the material felt slightly softer than “normal” condoms, and this is something the manufacturers claim that the material of manufacture, Polyisoprene, has “revoluntionary characteristics” compared to latex. Despite there being some of the condom still rolled at the base of my shaft, there was no marking or “red ring” that I have had with Durex and Pasante condoms in the past.

It did feel very good during sex; there was still a slight dulling of the sensation compared to unfettered sex, but it felt better than just about any other condom. It wasn’t too tight, and I orgasmed without excessive amounts of “thrusting:” the same could not be said for my experiences with other brands.

So to summarise, they are great condoms. I still can’t quite decide whether I prefer the TheyFit condoms, designed for my size, or the Mates Skyn, which aren’t so necessarily ideal for me but are made of a better material. I have mulled it over, and can’t help feeling that if TheyFit and Skyn merge there would be the perfect condom. That said. Skyn must come very highly recommended.

One reason why I think the Skyn is so good is because they do appear to be slightly wider than “normal” condoms although not as wide as my TheyFit:

mates skyn extra lubricated condoms review– John D


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