Guest Review: Encounter Ultimate Anal Sex Lubricant


Another guest review, this time from the wonderful Princess Raggydoll/DynamiteMinx, for the Encounter Ultimate Anal Sex Lube. Thanks Minxy!  

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Encounter Anal Lube

ultimate encounter anal lubricant

Thanks to Cara Sutra for the chance to review this anal lube.
Encounter is a brand of female, vegan friendly lubricants. The ‘Ultimate’ version is a thick, anal lube. I had never used a specific anal lube before so was interested to see the difference.
Encounter is naturally pH balanced, water based and latex friendly too. The first thing I noticed about the lube was just how think it was! It is much thicker than normal water based lube, no annoying drips on the sheets. It doesn’t really have much of a smell to it, just fresh and taste wise it doesn’t really taste of much, surprising as this lube is infused with mint extract. I found that it made everything nice and slick, perfect for anal play. Being thicker really does make a difference. I didn’t have to re-apply very often, I think this has to do with the thickness of the lube.
I think in the future I will be more inclined to use a specific anal lube, specially if it is as nice and thick as Encounter. I would give this lube a 8/10.

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