ultimate spanking miranda forbes xcite booksThanks once again to the lovely FesureMaybe of the Cara Sutra forum for this insightful review of Ultimate Spanking edited by Miranda Forbes of Xcite Books.

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– Cara Sutra

Ultimate Spanking – 20 erotic Stories – Miranda Forbes

This book is for the people who thoroughly enjoy a good spanking and a good read! It’s full to the brim of extremely exciting erotic stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed the different characters with different setting s, scenarios etc. It was such a wide variety of choice for me to go back and pick from. It was a lot different from the normal story I enjoy to read but a good change. I found each story to be just the right size for me to read to my partner or to use it for a sneaky five minutes for myself. One thing I did struggle with was the font size, I definitely prefer the font to be bigger so I don’t have to strain my eyes and concentrate too much when I’m trying to multi task!

It was a different world for me reading this book as I am so use to the ending being either party having an orgasm and that being that. This book is definitely designed for people who enjoy spanking and don’t need any form of sex to get orgasm just a good spank. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who fancies something a bit different as its perfect for quick reading!

– Fesure Maybe

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