Guest Erotic Book Review: Knots by Chanse Lowell


knots chanse lowell erotic book reviewMany thanks to the wonderful Sex with Rose for this guest review of this erotic book by author Chanse Lowell. It was provided free of charge in return for a fair and honest review.

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– Cara Sutra

Knots by Chanse Lowell Review

I got Knots to review thanks to the lovely Cara. I always love to read new erotica and when I was offered to read Knots by Chanse Lowell I didn’t have to think about it twice. Especially because it is about  the development of a  Dominant/submissive relationship.

The book starts with Jeanie, who just lost her husband at an early age and is a little lost in her world without him. Her husbands best friend, Mark, helps her with her loss and helps her discover her submissive side. Doing this gives her a lot of internal conflict with her in-laws and her husbands death. Can Mark set her free, or will she walk away, missing out on the chance for an all-encompassing love?

The book starts out a bit slow and confusing because you really get thrown in at the start. It took me a little while and a re-reading a few bits to make sure I was following it correctly. It happened a couple of times in the book that I wasn’t sure about what happened and I had to reread it but it wasn’t bothering me. The story really sucks you in and it is a very good book to read if you are curious about BDSM and even if you are more acquainted with kink, it still is a good read. It is a story with very strong and elaborate characters that you can identify with and it’s not just about the kink. It is also about getting to know yourself and giving in to things that truly make you happy. It is also an intriguing love story with an lovely twist. The inner struggle of giving in to your submissive nature is beautifully written and very relatable.

I would recommend Knots for people who are new to BDSM and would like to know more about it as a starting point. Of course introducing someone to BDSM can be different from person to person but it is a good read and example of how it can be. The details in the book are very accurate and I consider it a very good example of how a ‘normal’ D/s relationship is. There is a lot of attention given to  communication and safety and those are the things I find most important when it comes to D/s play. It is obvious that the author put a lot of care and research into this book and because of that it is a very realistic story. And on top of that a very good read as well. Definitely a book I would recommend to read, even for my vanilla friends.

– Rose Monrou (Sex with Rose)

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