Guest Erotic Book Review: Can’t Get Enough – Erotica for Women by Tenille Brown

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Thank you to regular Cara Sutra reviewer FesureMaybe (follow on Twitter) for this review of Can’t Get Enough by Tenille Brown. This erotic book was kindly sent free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review by Cleis Press.


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– Cara Sutra

Can’t Get Enough – Erotica for Women – Tenille Brown (Review)

can't get enough

This book is based around erotica particularly for women even though I personally think it could be good for both women and men. I have to admit I did pick up the book and think its erotica for women its going to be lots of he pleasured me generic women’s erotica, but my gosh wasn’t I surprised and super wrong!.It has a wide variety of stories covering different topics such as BDSM, male on male and also heterosexual sex. I definitely think this made it so much more enjoyable as I didn’t get bored of the same style of story each time. There was always something different in the next story and that grabbed my attention. I couldn’t pick a favourite story in the book because I enjoyed them all so much. They were such good lengths on the stories as sometimes things can carry on too long while other stories might not have enough detail but these were just perfect!.

I haven’t got a single negative thing to say about this book to be honest! It was so open and did mess about with terms it was straight to the point calling genitals what they really were. Its not just women getting pleasure its men as well which added something a bit different. I also loved the size of the font and the font its self on the book. So all in all like I said I loved every bit of this book and will definitely be recommending this one to any of my friends who need a good story!


– Fesure Maybe

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