Guest Erotic Book Review: Bedded Bliss, A couple’s guide to lust ever after – Kristina Wright

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bedded bliss a couples guide to lust ever after by kristina wright - book review

Thank you to forum member FesureMaybe for this lovely review of Bedded Bliss by Kristina Wright. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed it, and I am sure Kristina Wright will be delighted too!

A hat tip also goes to Cleis Press for providing the book free for the purposes of an honest, unbiased review. Thank you. You can find Bedded Bliss at Cleis Press here.

– Cara Sutra

Bedded Bliss – A couple’s guide to Lust ever after – Kristina Wright

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this book. I suppose I thought it was going to be a really cheesy self-help book for couples but oh my was I far from it! This is one of the most open, honest and down to earth books I have ever read. It’s designed for people at any age and any stage of their relationship.

Whether this be a new couple or married for years! The author who I admire quite openly makes the book so easy to sit and read to take notes from. She talks about the different issues she has faced and how she overcame these.

In first few chapters it’s talking about things like just beginning in a relationship and how this develops past the newly wed stage, overcoming the honeymoon period ending. She gives such interesting perspective and how to deal with the problem. She shares all the depths of her own marriage and how she overcame the different problems that arrived. It makes it seem so she’s a normal person in a sense with normal problems which makes it so much easier to relate too! I thoroughly enjoyed the fact the author even goes into taboo subjects and provides us with a delightful read of erotic stories on these. The erotic stories provides a good example of what she was trying to say and explain it in a situation.
All in all I have to rate this book a 10/10 because it’s so funny and gives such good advice. It’s a book I would definitely recommend to any couple whether you have issues or not. It’s great to recommend ideas for the bedroom or ways to approach different topics they might not be comfortable with!

– Fesure Maybe

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