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Thanks to Mel at Voluptasse – the friendly, lowest priced sex toys shop 😉 for completing this guest review of the lesbian short story in e-book format by Livilla Sanders.

You can buy The Spanish Artist by Livilla Sanders here on Amazon for Kindle for just 77p.

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The Spanish Artist by Livilla SandersThe Spanish Artist by Livilla Sanders Review

As a complete newcomer to lesbian erotica I approached this story with interest… what happens when there are no ‘pulsating rods’ or ‘man mounds’ to contend with? (yes I usually cringe too…)

Also, will I enjoy a story that focuses on girl on girl action?

The story focuses on Sarah McBride who has been persuaded to go on a short holiday to Spain with her friend Ellen. She is far from enthusiastic about the break and even less enthusiastic about any form of enjoyment as she continues to dwell on her difficult divorce and the insecurities left behind by an emotionally abusive ex husband.

After well-meaning Ellen persuades Sarah to visit a local bar, she promptly abandons her and engages in an excitable catch up session with her brother, Colin, who owns the bar. Finally happy and at peace, Sarah catches the eye of a local artist…

Will Sarah succumb to the charms of the beautiful and mysterious Marcia? Can she finally break free from the bindings of the past and find the sweet release that she has been craving? I won’t spoil the story for you but I am sure that you can guess what happens by the synopsis!

This was an interesting and well written story from Livilla Sanders. The characters were likable and relatable and completed with an interesting back ground story. There were parts of the story which did make me laugh out loud because I have also suffered the frustrations of a disturbed fantasy / masturbation session and I loved that it was something that the reader could relate too.

The reader was teased with a slow build up to a well described, believable sex session that was free from clichés and silly innuendo. It has been written for grownups and I really enjoyed it. The story itself is quite short and is only approx 21 pages long so I found it to be a nice easy read before bedtime.

I also discovered that I am a little partial to lesbian erotica now so if you have any recommendations, please let me know as I now appear to be having a small journey of self discovery all of my own.

Overall, a great story and I would highly recommend it.

It is available from Amazon Kindle for the bargain price of 0.77p and worth every penny.


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