Guest Book Review: Cassie’s Call by Livilla Sanders

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Cassie’s Call – Livilla Sanders

Cassie's Call by LIvilla Sanders erotic e-book review

This erotic novel is based around a girl called Cassie who is a bored call centre worker who finds herself getting a bit of a sexy client which let’s just say gets taken a bit further with someone she didn’t think she would ever dream of! This book is around 55 pages (according to my e-reader) and is a very enjoyable read at that. It seems to move quite quickly and also at a very exciting pace to keep you interested and extremely excited (if you catch my drift).

The story itself is a very good story as it’s a very interesting twist to the book, which kept me intrigued the whole way. It seemed to be just the right length for me to prep with my partner beforehand! The names in the story were very exotic which made me enjoy it that bit more as they were not usual boring names. This to me was different compared to a lot of erotic novels I have read it kept me interested and intrigued the whole way to how she was going to overcome the situation that had been brought on.

Personally I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants something quick-ish to read and also a very exciting story that will keep you guessing and wanting more till the end!

Review by Fesure Maybe


This guest review was provided by the lovely FesureMaybe of the Cara Sutra Forum, while the erotic e-book was provided by erotic author Livilla Sanders in exchange for an honest review from one of my forum members. Thanks to both! – Cara Sutra

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