Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

Give Lube

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

Give Lube are back – many a sex addict’s favourite lubely sex lubricant manufacturer. They have added a brand new fantastic product to their range: Give Lube Silicone+ Lube.

You may remember that I recently reviewed their fantastic water based lubricant, the Give Lube Aqua Gel. Now, you can get your hands on (wear gloves, it’s slippery stuff) the brand new silicone member of the Give Lube family. Give Lube Silicone+ Lube.

Why Silicone+?

I can only imagine the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube is called Silicone+ as it gives you so much more than merely being another bog standard silicone lube.

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

Whilst the water based variety is fantastic for all round lube-licious pleasure including masturbation, sex and sex toy use, the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube brings you and a partner together in ways you won’t have previously experienced.

Silicone lubricant is fantastic for extra special hand jobs, masturbation (either alone or as part of foreplay), couples sex or especially anal sex.

What Makes Give Lube Silicone+ Different?

The difference with the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube is that you are guaranteed a safe as well as enjoyable experience each time. Give Lube Silicone+ Lube is CE marked, dermatologically tested (no irritations or rashes), safe to use with latex condoms, oil and preservative free and unscented too. It’s the purest way to enjoy silicone lubricant!

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

Being flavourless and odourless means that you could use it and then move into oral sex without having to stop for a wipe-down break. Haven’t tried it this way as I generally prefer to suck first or have them lick first as part of foreplay before moving to a stage where I’d add lubricant. But it’s a good addition to know.

Bottle Sizes

I also like the fact that the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube comes in two sizes of bottle. 100ml to keep by the bed and a handy 30ml size which is great for travel bags, handbag, in the car, to grab for a quick play…

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

…as well as having a one-handed-action flip top lid so no more frustrating moments trying to unscrew a cap. Especially on a bottle of the slippiest lube around!

Ingredients and details are given on the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube bottle for your information and reassurance and I can highly recommend the lovely folk at Give Lube for being super friendly, efficient and helpful with all queries and giving advice on their products.

Prices / Buy Links

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Lubetube mini (30ml) — RRP £6

& the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Lubetube (100ml) — RRP £12

Fantastic value for silicone lubricant! Buy here from Simply Pleasure.



In summary, the Give Lube Silicone+ Lube does what it says on the easy to dispense bottle. It’s safe, it’s clear, it’s slippery and reliable. Another great addition to my toy box and bedside cabinet from the Give Lube range.

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Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

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Give Lube Silicone+ Lube Review

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