Give Lube Raspberry Oral Sex Gel – Pleasure Panel Review

Give Lube

Give Lube Raspberry Oral Sex Gel

Pleasure Panel review by Kinky Cornish


I was kindly given a bottle of the give lube oral pleasure gel in the raspberry kiss flavour to review by Cara Sutra. I regularly use flavoured lubricants so felt that this was something right up my street. This is the first give lube product I have tried although I had previously heard great things about them meaning they were on my must try list.

The oral pleasure gels are suitable for use anally and for intercourse not just for oral play and the fact they are water based means they can be used with all toys and  latex condoms. They do however contain glycerin so if you’ve had any issues with that in the past I wouldn’t use it internally. As I have always been fine with it I was able to give it a thorough testing. The GivePleasure website reassuringly informs me that the oral pleasure gels:

• Are paraben-free

• Are dermatologically tested

• Are moisturising and kind to the skin

• Have added panthenol to help counteract bacteria

• Contain no essential oils

• Are non-greasy

• Are CE marked medical lubricant – so you know that it’s safe for your body

The gel comes in a shiny black plastic bottle with a pink logo which makes the raspberry flavour easy to differentiate in a hurry from the blue label of the premium aqua gel and the silver of the silicone+. The lid is a simple flip top which makes squeezing the lube out one handed surprisingly simple and it also unscrews meaning there isn’t the annoying issue of having lube stuck at the end of the bottle. The bottle I was sent contains 100ml of oral pleasure gel which I think will last quite a while.


Squeezing the lube out I was initially surprised by the fact that it is coloured- a transparent orangey shade which made me slightly apprehensive about using it on white sheets. Considering it is marketed as a gel the runny consistency of this was a bit of a shock, if you are expecting this to be like the sticky flavoured offerings from some companies you will be pleasantly surprised as I was. It does run relatively quickly so be prepared!



Once applied to my partner I found that I really liked the consistency of this, it was slick but not greasy or sticky and had fantastic staying power especially considering I was doing my damnedest to lick it off. It survived adequately for the duration of oral sex and then on to vaginal sex with no problems at all.

Due to the runny liquid nature of this lube I was rather hesitant to attempt using it for anal play, I’m not sure it would provide enough cushioning or stay exactly where I need it so I chickened out.

This lube has a pleasant smell although it is admittedly very sweet. To me it tasted sweet with a slight sharp tang at the end which I really liked. It tasted like raspberry syrup for ice cream which in my eyes can never be a bad thing. My partner however was not a fan at all of the taste. He thought it was so overpoweringly sweet and was seriously put off by that fact. As in he stopped licking me because of it. Which is not what I want from a lube. EVER.

So overall we had mixed thoughts on this lube, it was a winner for me and my taste buds but not for my partner. If you don’t have a mouth full of ‘sweet teeth’  then I would not recommend this lube for you. If however like me, you can’t get enough sugar in your life then this oral pleasure offering will be right up your street.


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