Flying High Mile High Club Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel – Pleasure Panel Review

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Flying High Mile High Club Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Pleasure Panel review by Dizzy Wizzy

Thank you so much to Pleasure Panel reviewer DizzyWizzy for this guest review of Flying High Mile High Club Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

This book was provided free of charge for the purposes of a fair and honest review at Cara Sutra, by Cleis Press. You can buy Flying High by Rachel Kramer Bussel here at Cleis Press.

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– Cara Sutra

Flying High, Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club
edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

flying high by rachel kramer bussel review

Having been sent “Flying High” to review by the wonderful Cara Sutra, I couldn’t wait to become engrossed by the many stories contained within this collection. With nearly 20 short stories to whet your appetite, all displaying various interpretations of the Mile High Club, the fantasies range from solo encounters and one night stands all the way through to group fun and voyeuristic pleasures.

Whether you have previously joined the Mile High Club, fantasised about getting your kit off at 30,000 feet or simply have a fetish for anything plane related, there are stories just for you, waiting to be devoured! Some have sexy twists at the end, some surprise you the more and more you read them, and some get you very hot and horny right from the outset! All are well written with interesting and sexy scenarios and Rachel Kramer Bussel has done a great job putting the collection together so that there is not too much repetition of subject matter, despite the obvious constraints of how much is actually possible to do on an aeroplane! The stories are not too far outside of the realms of reality so they retain a real sense of “it could happen to me one day!”.

All of the stories could certainly be rated “erotically hot” however some of the stand-out works for me include: 34B, where Nancy arranges to meet up with Bill whom she met on the Internet, Get On, Get Off, where Jared gets to experience the delights of the controversial M-Class, Flights of Fancy, where Eric and Linda get bumped onto a Miami flight with a difference and the Girl Most Likely, where Cindy gets unexpectedly reunited with her old school flame.

I haven’t ever really been “into” erotic anthologies, preferring instead long, novel length books to get my teeth into, however, “Flying High” has certainly made me think twice about immediately choosing the novel over the short story collection. I really enjoyed being able to test each author’s writing style and I will be exploring and buying works by those authors that peaked my interest. Rachel Kramer Bussel usefully includes a list of authors, a short bio, titles of previous works and websites at the back of the book so finding out more about your favourite authors is easy and straightforward.

I would highly recommend this collection, as even though you might never have thought about joining the Mile High Club, you can certainly enjoy reading about those who have and consider how you might make your own fantasies come true on that next flight!

Dizzy Wizzy


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