Erotic Book Review: The Accidental Call Girl by Portia Da Costa

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accidental call girl by portia da costa review

I have a few books by Portia Da Costa (Twitter, Website) now and I have been a very naughty girl and only just gotten round to reviewing the first one I’ve finished reading, The Accidental Call Girl, published by Black Lace Books.

This story sees us getting to know a girl called Lizzie, fairly normal, vanilla and with an ordinary office job. Mistaken for a call girl by the handsome older gentleman in a bar one night, we are taken on a voyage through the eyes of both parties. Lizzie feeling that she needs to live up to the erotic and exotic world of call girls, as she sees it; while John Smith (yes, that’s his real name, even Lizzie can’t believe it) becomes more and more suspicious of her authenticity as a call girl, despite her eagerness to please him in whichever way he sees fit.

This is a very cute love story and has elements of kink. It attempts the same style of bridging of the vanilla world to the kink world as Fifty Shades of Grey, but is much more professionally written.

Not only is this a sweet love story, it also has plenty of laugh out loud moments, making for many happy feels.

I don’t want to give too much away to those who haven’t read it yet, but the story is still strong in my mind now, and I would definitely be interested in reading the follow up book, The Accidental Mistress. I would hope that Lizzie becomes more confident in herself and we see less of the cliched multi-millionaire businessman guy.

Saying that, I do enjoy the shopping trips that the characters in this style of book go on! Designer shoes and dresses for the inevitable ball or occasion where they have to look perfectly charming on the arm of said business man.

Apart from a hugely rose-tinted (can we say “Pretty Woman”) view of the call girl profession, this book would be a tasty addition to either an existing erotica collection, or a pleasing welcome into the world of sensual stories.

It’s much tamer than I am used to reading, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

If you’d like to enjoy The Accidental Call Girl too, you can pick up your copy at Amazon here for just £3.85 paperback (usual retail price £6.99), £3.66 Kindle (digital) edition. You can also purchase The Accidental Mistress and pre-order the 3rd book in the series, The Accidental Bride, through the links shown below.

– Cara Sutra

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