Erotic Book Review: Kissing – A Field Guide by Violet Blue

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Kissing A Field Guide Violet BlueKissing – A Field Guide by Violet Blue – Review

Whether you’re into kissing strangers or just want to brush up on your tonsil tennis with your beloved, Violet Blue’s latest ‘sex guide’ shows you how its done. In Kissing – A Field Guide there is an abundance of tasty tips for locking lips (but a noticeable absence of hay bales) for men and women to learn from.

Smaller than your average paperback tome – in terms of height of the book and length – Kissing – A Field Guide fits comfortably in the hand and doesn’t feel overwhelming in any way. It’s one reason why I’m actually reviewing this book myself. Although I have barely any time to read and review erotica and sex guides these days – much to my ongoing dismay – I felt like here was a book I could dip into, take tips from and learn from, without feeling an obligation to sit and concentrate and read for a couple of hours a night for however long it takes to finish Knicker-Bustingly Good Erotica Anthology 162. Or whatever the latest sexy story book is called.

I received the book free, from the ever wonderful Cleis Press for the purposes of an honest and fair review. Find Kissing – A Field Guide by Violet Blue at Cleis Press here.

The book definitely has a feminine feel, which surprised me – I mean the stereotypical peachy pink isn’t a colour I associate with tech guru and down to earth sex expert Violet Blue. On the other hand, it does, quite cleverly, make this book appealing for those who would be less than keen to purchase a book with explicit words or imagery on the covers… or who might be new to buying any kind of guide or advice book relating to the sexual parts of their life. The love birds on the front give romantic connotations – so who could resist?

If you’re something of a veteran of the sex industry, sexuality philosophy and sex blogging it can be easy to dismiss the seen-as-simple art of kissing as for less confident, vanilla-only or penetration-fearing beings who ‘wrongly’ assume that kissing is the most pleasure you can gain from touching another person. Ho-ho-ho-ho how we laugh, thinking of rampant orgies and hardcore BDSM and that time we anally reamed one another with garden gnomes.

Well actually – kissing IS hot. I think the latest advertising campaign which features apparent “strangers” kissing proved that very point. Literally having a taste of another person, whether the amuse-bouche to a sexual occasion or a flavoursome main course all on its own, arouses the mental senses as well as the physical.

Taking us from the basics of kissing – the different types, dos and don’ts, timing and location – up to the questions you didn’t think you needed to ask, Violet Blue once again shows us how it’s done in vivid and glorious detail.

kissing a field guide by violet blue review kissing a field guide by violet blue book review

Published by Cleis Press, you can buy Kissing – A Field Guide by Violet Blue for £6.55 from Amazon UK.

– Cara Sutra

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