Erotic Book Review: Dark Secret Love, A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler

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Dark Secret Love – A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler

Dark Secret Love Alison Tyler erotica book review

I only have one problem with Alison Tyler and her book, Dark Secret Love. She’s far too modest. Even though the accolades pour in from the likes of Violet Blue, Rachel Kramer Bussel, The Guardian and many more, Alison herself seems to be a modest girl who just enjoys documenting her saucy anecdotes, polished with some writer’s prerogative flair. Perhaps this is what makes Dark Secret Love such a refreshing read. Unpredictable, honest and raw. Perhaps this is why I was in tears on a couple of occasions before I hit the last page.

Curious? You should be.

Evidently popular from the many positive reviews in the erotica reviewing and blogging scene, Dark Secret Love is the tale of submission from Alison Tyler herself. Although the prologue admits that certain characters, names and scenes have been changed slightly, Alison assures us, as readers, that her past is there between the lines, between the pages.

Taking this book to bed with me has been an enjoyable experience as I discovered more about Alison Tyler and her submission tale.  Her take on BDSM much reflects my own, that romance can be and regularly is found in the darkest corners of the BDSM and Fetish world. The understanding between those in the scene, the etiquette and reassuring codes of conduct. The healthy respect for people’s particular kink tastes, wherever they are on the spectrum. As well as, of course, a healthy sprinkling of some of the hottest, raunchiest spanking and BDSM scenes you will ever have the privilege of reading.

The journey through our protagonist’s love and kink life enables us to discover rich characters along the way. Sex partners, vanilla partners, play partners, Dominants and Masters. Club scenes are atmospheric and rich, making us taut with the nerves our main character herself feels. Bedroom scenes are emotional and moving, spiced with edgy kink, relevant mentality and sensations.

Those in the BDSM scene will not be disappointed with Dark Secret Love, it’s an honest and moving tale with a satisfying conclusion to the book, if not the story. Our appetite (and other places) remain wet for more. Those who are considering dabbling in BDSM and Kink, whether with play partners or a romantic partner, will learn the highs and lows that they may encounter. Just as there are highs and lows to vanilla sex and romance encounters too.

This is a highly recommended read. I have already mentioned in my Blogasm 500 and other erotic posts the effect reading this book had on me, mostly thoroughly enjoyable masturbation and even inciting anal sex. That’s a powerful book.

Want to read this illicit, smut-ridden kinky tale for yourself? Buy Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler here from Amazon. It costs £5.75 for paperback and £3.79 for the electronic (Kindle) edition. You can also find it here on the Cleis Press publisher site.

– Cara Sutra


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