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Durex Sexlection Box

Pleasure Panel review by Louise Lace

I was lucky enough to be selected to try out the new, Valentines Day special edition, the Durex Sexlection Box, as part of the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel team.

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The Durex Sexlection Box is being marketed as a Valentines Day gift set, hmmm, its play on the word ‘selection’ reminds me of Christmas, and chocolate selection boxes not Valentines Day. Hubby and I did have a giggle trying to wrap our mouths around the name, Sexlection doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, Sex-lect-ion. Say it fast and it sounds like you have a mouthful of marshmallows. Very amusing ūüôā

The packaging itself is very attractive, it reminds me of either a box of chocolates, with its rich deep purple colours and gold swirling text or, of a gift set of perfume. The reverse of the box gives details of what is contained within the box, precautionary information such as how to store, expiry dates etc.

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The lid of the Durex Sexlection Box magnetically seals to the outer wall and it opens with a firm pull. Disappointingly, on first opening, the contents were not in their correct positions. The inner carton is a card insert with holes cut where the three products should sit, not a moulded plastic which would have gripped the products in place.

The Durex Sexlection Box contains 12 Durex Thin Feel Condoms, a Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring and a Durex Play O Orgasm Gel kit. A promising selection for a romantic Valentines Day evening in.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms

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The Durex Thin Feel condoms come in a cellophane sealed box containing 12 condoms and an information leaflet. The packaging provides basic safety information such as only using each condom once and advice on using lubricants and which are suitable for use with these condoms. In addition, there are a series of product promises such as “Thin for greater sensitivity”, “Easy-on shape and teat ended for comfort and fit” and “The special way we make our condoms means they smell better”.

With these claims in mind, Hubby and I set about giving the Durex Thin Feel Condoms a workout…

The condom packets are red and silver in colour to match the outer packaging. Personally, I prefer black or gold packets as I like to tuck them in my stocking tops, and colours are noticeable through lace. The foil packs are sealed in pairs by a perforated line, with the pairs easily separated with a quick tug. The packets opened fairly easily with a firm tear with dry hands, however, I did have to wipe my hands free of any lube as the thick foil was a little tricky to open when slippy.

The condom felt slightly greasy in my fingers but I was able to grip the larger teat with my index and middle fingers with ease, and use my thumb and ring finger to roll it into place. As for the ‘better smell’: these condoms do smell, its not an offensive smell but they definitely have an odour. I would describe the odour to that of a burst birthday balloon.

We tried the initial penetration without any additional lubricant as the packaging claimed the condoms contained lubricant. Whilst my Hubby was able to penetrate me, I was quick to suggest we add some additional lubricant. Thankfully, Cara had also sent me a lubricant to review as part of the Pleasure Panel and we were able to add that to the mix and continue with our session.

From my point of view, the sex felt the same as with any other condom. A few of my Hubby’s veins and ridges could be felt, however, he confirmed that these condoms definitely allowed him to feel more – and although he could feel the condom in place during our session, he did not feel stifled by it.

To ensure we gave the condoms a good trial run, for our next session we used the condoms as part of oral sex. Again the condom rolled on with ease, the smell of them is even more apparent when you are nose to teat, and taste wise, there isn’t a strong flavour to them but you may want to add a splash of flavoured lubricant if you prefer. I wasn’t keen on these condoms for oral sex as the teat overhangs the tip of the penis quite a bit, as a result it kept catching my throat making me gag!

Durex Thin Feel condoms provide a comfortable fit to the wearer and they do feel thinner in comparison to others available within this brand. We’d rate these condoms 7/10 as they did have a funny smell, I did require additional lubricant and the gagging incident wasn’t my sexiest moment in the bedroom.

Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring

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On to the Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring. This product comes in a purple shiny plastic, heat sealed packet with a ‘tear here’ strip, similar to that of a share bag of Maltesers (other confectionery is available). Once opened, the packaging can not be reused, as the product is effectively a ‘one-use’ only item. The packaging explains that “The Durex Play Vibrations has been designed to bring up to 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to both of you…” so storing the Love Ring after use shouldn‚Äôt cause a problem.

The Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring is safely held within a moulded plastic box which easily opened with the pull tabs at the top. An information leaflet is stuck to the box, this contains details on how to wear the ring and the manufactures information.

The product itself is a basic cock ring design with an additional, bullet vibrator style built in. Nowhere on the packaging or in the information leaflet does it state what the device is made from, not good ūüôĀ I shall keep my fingers crossed that it is made from a body-safe, Phthalate free material. Measuring at 3.5cm diameter unstretched and approximately 15cm when stretched to its extreme, the Vibrations Play Love Ring should be a comfortable fit for most men. As a side note, if you are using this device with a condom, the condom should be put on first.

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We began by sliding the ring to the base of his erect penis. Whilst the ring gripped his skin it wasn’t a tight grip. The vibration bullet rested at the top, working on the theory that it would make contact with my clitoris during penetration. A quick push on the on/off switch and the Love Ring buzzed to life. It only has one setting and it is a very high pitched, buzzy vibration, not something I could stand prolonged contact with, but as the contact was intermittent I could adjust to the sensations. My Hubby was able to feel the vibrations travelling down the length of his penis but made very little difference to his testicles in this position. We also tried with the vibrating part underneath his shaft to rest on his testis, this made very little difference to me but it certainly pleased my Hubby, who happily reached his climax with the additional stimulation.

With the vibration bullet positioned to touch my clitoris, in the missionary position the vibrations didn’t quite hit the target and had me wriggling to get the positioning right. A quick flip over so that I was on top meant that I could angle my pelvis to allow the vibrating part of the ring to connect. OK, I admit, this hit the spot and within no time I had reached my climax, dragging Hubby there with me.

All in all, the Durex Vibrations Play is a nifty little toy to bring a little fun into the bedroom and offers the users a chance to try a cock ring style device before purchasing a multi functional, rechargeable version. We’d rate this product 8/10, losing a few marks for the lack of information on what it is made from and its single speed setting.

Durex Play O Orgasm Enhancing Gel

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Lastly the Durex Sexlection Box contains a bottle of O Orgasm Enhancing Gel, which promises “…a unique combination of ingredients that create a multitude of cooling, warming and tingling sensations all at the same time…”
Durex aren’t holding back with their promises here and back up their claims with results of research tests that they have carried out.

The reverse of the packaging gives ingredient, storage and manufacturers information as well as directions for use.

Inside the card box there is a glass jar of O Orgasm Enhancing Gel, A pump dispenser attachment and lid and. an information leaflet, this leaflet differs from the others as it focuses on what an orgasm is and some statistics and benefits of having an orgasm, for example, stress relief.

The glass jar containing 15ml liquid (approximately 30 uses) easily attaches to the pump dispenser by simply screwing the two together, with its clear glass and discreet logo, this product could easily fit in on a dressing table of face creams etc without raising suspicion. It only took a few pumps for a small amount of product to be dispensed. It is a clear, fairly thick, non greasy gel, of which only 2 small drops are required. Initially this product has a very chemical smell, but this dissipates as you massage it onto your clitoris and intimate areas, as for the taste, that too is very chemical, this product has a strange affect on the tongue, ranging from tingling and numb feelings to producing a lot of saliva, for a long time….This lasted for at least an hour after we had stopped using the gel!

As this product is designed for women, I kicked off my panties and handed the jar over to Hubby for him to put it to work. Gingerly dabbed a little of the gel on and around my clitoris and slowly massaged the area, to begin with the gel felt like any other lubricant, then it felt like my Hubby was blowing softly on my intimate areas. Then that pleasant blowing sensation turned to a very cold, almost ice like feel very quickly and remained unpleasantly cold for quite some time as my Hubby continued to tease and stroke me. The cold then reached normal skin temperature, relaxing my body again, before building to quite a strong burn, by this point my body almost shut down from its pending orgasm and my body was quivering in fear rather than pleasure. Hubby had to change tempo of his movements to distract me from the burn to ensure that I didn’t end up shouting “Enough!” rather than “Yes!” Whilst the gel did change from cold to hot, at no point did I notice any tingling sensations. Although I admit I did reach orgasm whilst using this product, the sensations produced by it were so extreme at times, that I credit my orgasm to my Hubby knowing my body rather than the effects of the gel.

Although The Durex O Orgasm Enhancing Gel did mostly what it said regarding creating “…a multitude of cooling, warming and tingling sensations”,¬†unfortunately, it just isn’t for me. I rate this product 4/10.


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As a novelty gift to spice up an evening at home, the Durex Sexlection Box ticks a lot of boxes. Add a few candles and a bottle of wine and you are sure to have some fun with this little set – just be a little cautious with the gel!

Overall, we rate this product 7/10.

Thank you so much to Cara Sutra and Durex for allowing Hubby and I to try out this Durex Sexlection Box gift set free of charge in return for a fair and honest review.

Happy Valentines Day

Louise Lace x

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Louise Lace for this guest review of the Durex Sexlection Box (£14.99)

This box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Superdrug Health. You can read all the Durex product reviews at Cara Sutra here.


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