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Durex Sexlection Box

Pleasure Panel review by JM88

Firstly thank you to Cara Sutra and Superdrug for giving me the chance to test the Durex Sexlection Box in time for Valentines’s Day!

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The Durex Sexlection Box is a great little gift for couples who are maybe in a new relationship (or a couple who rely on condoms as their main form of contraception), and those who are interested in dabbling with sex toys but don’t have too much experience. It’s a great introduction to the world of buzzy toys and orgasm enhancers.

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Included in the Durex Sexlection Box are 12 thin feel lubricated condoms, one 20 minute single use vibrating cock ring, and a 15ml bottle of orgasm enhancing gel. The box itself is rather attractive, albeit a bit large for its purpose. A sturdy cardboard box, with a magnetic closure makes it look and open just like a box of chocolates! I had intended to keep my box as it seems ideal for storing little bits and pieces in, but unfortunately the glue holding it together is very weak and after only a week mine is falling apart.

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Anyway, on to the contents!

Durex Thin Feel Condoms

Having been in a relationship for around 10 years, we rely on the contraceptive pill rather than condoms. When we first began our relationship, Durex condoms were the first we tried but back then we didn’t like the feel, fit or smell of them. We opted for a competitor condom brand that suited us better, so this is our first time using Durex since then, and we have never tried this particular condom before.

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The condoms are individually wrapped in red foil packets and claim to be easy to put on due to their shape. My husband said that he had no issue fitting the condom, although it didn’t seem any “easier” than any other one he has put on before. The fit was perfect for him, and there was some leftover condom so those with even longer penises would have no problem fitting in these condoms.

These condoms also claim to smell better. Now if they can live up to that claim then that is a great benefit! During foreplay and sex I could not smell the condom at all! Usually as soon as the packet is open, my sensitive nose can pick up the rubbery smell immediately. With these, I smelt nothing. In order to write this part I am actually smelling one up close and although it does have a faint aroma, I definitely wouldn’t be able to identify that as a condom in a blind sniff test (if such thing existed!).

They are thinner than regular condoms, but to be honest during sex I could feel that there was a condom, and so could my husband. I really don’t think that when you are used to feeling skin contact, that anything could come close to that. My husband felt that the condom did still lessen his sensitivity, and I didn’t feel as much pleasure either.

My main issue from these condoms was the feel of them. We were both in the mood and turned on, but within minutes of using them I felt incredibly dry down below. They are lubricated but to me I could feel a lot of chaffing and became quite sore. We applied a water based lube which helped to reduce the friction and irritation but that seemed to somehow enhance the presence of the condom, reducing sensitivity even more.

Durex Play Vibrations Cock Ring

The cock ring supplied is a 20 minute single use, simple jelly style ring. It has a simple single on/off button. You can get more than one use out of it by turning it off after use, but you cannot change the battery once it has died.

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The jelly material makes the cock loop very stretchy (I can easily fit it around my wrist) however it is also very thin. My husband noted that although it was easy to put on, the loop was a bit uncomfortable and if used for the full 20 minutes would start to dig in.

From my point of view the vibrations were stronger than I expected, although they were very buzzy and loud. When used during sex I found that the vibes didn’t travel well so I needed constant clitoral contact to feel pleasure from it, and even that wasn’t enough to bring me to orgasm.

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I did however find that the vibrations from the ring were needed to take my mind off of the condom, so when used together I did get a pleasant sensation that I would have missed using the condoms alone.

Durex Play O Arousal Gel

If I am completely honest, this is what I was most looking forward to using. In the past I have found gels and creams to be rather hit and miss. I was expecting big things from a big name like Durex.

The orgasm gel box is very simple and sophisticated and I was elated to find that the bottle inside was glass! It looks absolutely stunning and reminds me of an expensive skin serum that you would most likely see on a dressing table. The elegance of the small bottle is something I have rarely seen from a sex gel, and one that looks as though it could easily cost upwards of £25.

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The pump lid makes it easy to dispense the correct amount as recommended on the box, and allows for an easy application.

I tried the recommended 2 drops and applied it to my clitoris, and the surrounding area. It claims to be condom safe so there are no issues using it alongside the condoms or ring provided.

When I applied the gel I felt an immediate coolness down below, although I noted no tingly sensation. During sex I hardly noticed the gel was there! Although my clitoris felt cold, it wasn’t anymore sensitive that usual and even when it was rubbed I could barely feel anything. I dare say that the coolness had some kind of numbing effect on me and made everything less sensitive! For me the coolness only lasted less that ten minutes, so if I had have experienced pleasure from it, I would have needed to reapply several times during a session so I could easily see the bottle running out before the 3 month use by date.

I do feel a slight sadness that my immediate excitement of the gel was soon replaced by sadness, but all gels are different so this might be perfect for others!


All in all I think the Durex Sexlection Box is a great idea for Valentine’s Day, but I do think it could be tweaked for the future. I think it could easily fit into a smaller box, which would be more practical and make you feel like you were getting more for your money. I would also like to see a water based lube included with the box as I think you really need it, and if this box is bought by people who haven’t used lube before they might be disappointed. It’s also a great way to bring lube to people who probably haven’t considered using it because the condoms are already pre lubed.

I would have to give the Durex Sexlection Box a 5/10.

– JM88

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88 for this review of the Durex Sexlection Box (£14.99)

The Durex Sexlection Box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Superdrug Health.

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