Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel – Pleasure Panel Review


Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Crimescene

Cara kindly selected me to review the Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel as part of the Pleasure Panel. I was really excited about this product as I have often seen it in shops and have been intrigued by it. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s not only a lube but also a massage gel and contains aloe vera, or if it’s just because it’s purple! Either way, I was chuffed to be able to finally try it.

Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel Review

As I’ve said in previous reviews, I’m a bit of a ‘lube queen’. I am also up for trying new and different types of lube such as flavoured or tingling/cooling/warming effect lube etc. However, my stock of lube has actually run rather low for the first time in years so I couldn’t wait to try this massage gel out.

As always, Cara sent my item in a discreet jiffy bag that arrived very quickly. Going by first impressions the lube comes in a nice big bottle (200ml), is a bright purple colour and generally looks very attractive. It features the Durex logo on the front with the name of the product. Underneath it simply states ‘intimate lube and massage gel with soothing aloe vera’ and a picture of an aloe vera plant which actually adds a really nice subtle touch. It also states the size of this particular bottle. The back has the usual information such as company information, directions for use and storage advice but oddly it doesn’t have an ingredients list which is unusual. It also made me a bit wary.

The Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel is condom compatible, light, non-greasy and won’t stain. The added aloe vera soothes your skin and intimate areas and compliments the fact that it’s a water-based lube. It’s also fragrance-free and suitable for pretty much anything (anal, vaginal and oral sex, foreplay etc). The bottle contains the usual warnings that it is not a spermicide or contraceptive and also warns that it can actually slow sperm down if you are trying for a baby.

I really enjoyed using this lube. I found it didn’t irritate me in any way, lubricated really well and a little seems to go quite a long way although you may need to reapply sometimes. What really did it for me was the fact that even if you don’t put the cap back on it won’t spill anywhere if it’s casually chucked to one side. It has a suction opening which means you have to squeeze the bottle to apply the contents. This is absolutely brilliant news for my bed as all too often the lube bottle gets chucked to one side when my partner and I are getting intimate.

Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel Review

This results in quite a mess, especially as the lid usually isn’t closed. I found I didn’t feel sticky afterwards either which is another perk. I hate that sticky lube feeling afterwards, often made worse if the lube is scented (this one isn’t as I’ve already said).

I didn’t use this lube as a massage gel as that’s not really my thing. I don’t like gel on my skin whether that’s massage gel or aftersun gel, so I wasn’t even going to attempt it. Personally, I feel that’s just an added quirk so it surprises me that the product is marketed as a massage gel first and then a lube. I usually favour less mainstream brands, although in the past Durex has always been good enough, so the Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel overall has lived up to my expectation and more! 9/10 as I feel the ingredients should be listed on the back of the bottle.

– Crimescene

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Crimescene for this review of the Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel (200ml, £7.99)

The Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Durex. Thank you! 🙂

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Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel Review

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Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel Review

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