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Confessions by LM Mountford Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Eliza93marie

I was sent an electronic copy of Confessions by LM Mountford by Cara Sutra free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel.

Confessions by LM Mountford

Honestly at first it was hard for me to get into this novel, and hard to focus on reading. I love reading, that is by far my favourite past time. There was just one little thing that I couldn’t shake about the fantasy this novel follows; however if I tell you I would ruin the story for you. It threw me for a loop because of how many categories it falls into. Seriously it’s crazy! It Started with a sweet vanilla M/F and moved into M/M, Step-brother, M/M/F and last but not least a very unexpected, slightly brutal orgy. This novel is a short read but is well worth the time! Once it gets to the spicy stuff, it stays hot and heavy until the very end. In fact it was so hot I had to take time between chapters to catch my breath.

   Confessions by LM Mountford follows a young budding starlet named Mina. She is fresh to fame and down to earth! She is extremely sexual and sensual. After what seems like forever away from home, she  returns to here father and stepmothers home to visit her step-brother Mark and drop a gift off for his 21st birthday. Her parents are out for the night upon begging her father to let her younger sibling have his last hurrah before entering the real world! Upon arriving she walks into to a full on house party! However she cannot find Mark anywhere. After searching the whole party for him, and running into his childhood friend, finally a clan of mischievous looking young men tell her where to find him. When she arrives at his bedroom door however shit hits the fan, or heat up; and poor Mina has no clue whats coming next! You’ll have to grab a copy of this book to find out what hits her!

   This book is well written, however the fantasy behind the plot is… well… “Not my cup of tea” I guess you could say. It was a spicy short read. Once I got over my little hiccup. It is definitely worth reading! Thank you Cara Sutra for giving me the opportunity to review my first ever erotica novel!

– Eliza93marie

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Eliza93marie for this review of the Confessions by LM Mountford (print length 121 pages, £2.48 Kindle version)

This erotic e-book was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author, LM Mountford. Thank you! 🙂

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