Cat’s Paw Massager Review by Cara Sutra


Cat’s Paw Massager Review by Cara Sutra

This toy gave me serious paws for thought. The Cat’s Paw Massager superbly reflects my love of pussy, and is a beautiful orgasmic mews for any and every sexual occasion. Putting the best in bestiality, the Cat’s Paw Massager had me yowling with desire and clawing at the sheets.

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Don’t let the bubblegum pink plastic outer put you off, the Cat’s Paw Massager definitely rubbed me up the right way. This vibrator takes two AA batteries up its tightly sealed orifice and the cap goes back on tighter than the lid of a new tin of Whiskas.

Once the batteries were inside and the cap replaced, it was time for a pleasurable stroke from my new pet. The end of the Cat’s Paw Massager is shaped like a… well, like a cat’s paw surprisingly enough. Although the main body of this vibrator is super shiny plastic, the ‘paw pad’ area on the underside feels like rubber. This was particularly appropriate as this sex toy served to erase the sins of previous, inferior sex toys from my clitoris!

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Getting down to work with my new familiar, I was delighted to discover an additional feature on the Cat’s Paw Massager. Pressing the small button on the reverse of the head, a small white LED lit up on the tip. Fantastic! No more stumbling around in the dark looking for my pussy with both hands.

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I’d thought the button was to turn the vibrations on and off but no – it’s just for the light. The batteries located inside means that the Cat’s Paw Massager is ready to vibrate at a simple touch of the paw pad area. Simply press it against yourself wherever you need pussy love… and the Cat’s Paw Massager will deliver a sexual experience to make you purr with pleasure.

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If I were to suggest any improvements to this fun feline treat, it would be a small adjustment to the vibrating pads. Only the central domed area of the cat’s paw vibrates, the other three smaller domes on the cat’s paw remain static. In future models I’d love to feel the entire paw pad vibrating on my clitoral zone, so that my surrounding labial and vulval areas can benefit from the tiger-strength stimulation this vibrator provides. It’s seriously grrr-eat.

I don’t think it’s waterproof – but it doesn’t really matter all that much, because everyone knows you can just give intimate-use objects a wipe over. Then they’re completely hygienic to use time after time with no complications whatsoever. If any vag gunk did get caught in the gaps then I’m sure I could just dig it out with a toothpick and the toy would be good as new.

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The Cat’s Paw Massager even comes with its own tail; an attachable/detachable wrist loop so you don’t accidentally drop it during the frenzied thrills of the session. This loop also means you can store the Cat’s Paw Massager on the bed post so it’s always within reach for another purrfect playtime.

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Until I’d tried the Cat’s Paw Massager I thought I’d found the most powerful vibrator, my top favourite; but this fur-some beauty even outshines the Doxy Wand. Hell, I think it is even more powerful than my new Sybian. I redact all previous statements slating plastic, battery-operated toys. The Cat’s Paw Massager is the perfect sex toy and everyone is bound to love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it often. You definitely won’t be putting it out of the house at night: this is a pedigree pleasure object which deserves pride of place in every bedroom.

It’s a good job our kitty Griz has been ‘done’ otherwise I’m sure the Cat’s Paw Massager would be giving her serious lady-cat boner.

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This vibrator comes in a luxurious transparent plastic housing with clear and comprehensive instructions on the professionally presented card insert.

Buy your Cat’s Paw Massager today – it’s simply the cat’s whiskers!

Update: APRIL FOOL’S! <3 It’s not really the best vibrator since the Doxy Massager. The Cat’s Paw Massager really does exist, as a sweet and cheap kawaii novelty from Amazon. Sorry if you were fooled! 🙂

– Cara



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