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Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley

Pleasure Panel review by Jilly Boyd

Thank you so much to Jillian Boyd of Lady Laid Bare for this guest review of Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley, the new commuter based erotic romance from a bestselling erotic author. You can read more about the highly anticipated release of this novel here. The full book will be available for purchase in October 2014.

– Cara Sutra

Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley

Emily Dubberley knows a thing or two about erotica, being the founder of the UK’s first female-focussed erotica site Cliterati. She’s written several brilliant guides on sex (including The Field Guide to F*cking) and has edited two charity anthologies. And now, she’s got plans to spice up the Monday morning commute (which, let’s face it, needs to happen because it’s crap).

Enter Blue Mondays, the sexy antidote against the Monday morning suck. It’s currently being serialized, with one chapter out every Monday. A shiny paperback will be available from October, and I can strongly recommend picking it up then if you’ve missed out on all the fun now.

The story starts very aptly, with our main character Lucy on a packed Tube and having a commute to work that can only be described as disastrous. Needless to say, she’s not feeling particularly enthusiastic about the day ahead (haven’t we all been there?).

And that’s when she notices a man carrying a food hamper standing close by, seemingly out of place between the suits on the commute. He’s the catalyst for a series of events that make Lucy question the way she’s living her life – when he leaves his wallet on the train, she follows him in a bid to reunite him with his wallet, and is drawn into a world of adventure, equal parts enlightening, frustrating and arousing.

Emily has stated that she “wanted to step away from aspirational romance to something more realistic – if still fairytale.” Indeed, the story of Lucy and Ben feels like something that (at a stretch) can actually happen to you. The Tube commute is such a familiar setting for most of London, and it feels rather natural to have an erotic romance start on something so ordinary as the Circle/District line.

And serializing the story in e-reader format, so you can read the developing story on your own commute is kind of a stroke of genius. So, cheers to Emily Dubberley for writing this arousing, titillating and above all, strangely familiar story. And next time you’re on your commute, make sure to look out for something out of the ordinary… who knows, it might lead to your own adventure.


– Jillian Boyd, Lady Laid Bare


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