VIP+ Reviewer Needed For 'Extremely Powerful' Saddle Style Vibrating Toy

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    Cara Sutra

    I am looking for an experienced reviewer to review a very special toy for the Pleasure Panel & This toy is similar in shape and design to the world-famous Sybian, and I would review it myself except I really don’t have the time, and I don’t have the space for storage either.

    Please get in touch if you’re a VIP+ Pleasure Panel member who is similarly enamoured by jackhammer strength vibrations and always on the lookout for supremely powerful vibrating sex toys. This is no wand or rabbit vibrator; this is a ride on (saddle style) vibrating beast. (or so they tell me!)

    The product is pretty sizeable and heavy so it will be sent directly to the reviewer from the manufacturer, so be aware that I’ll need your consent to let the company know your postal details if you want to review this.

    What they say:

    “We would love for you to feature a review of our product on your site.
    In full disclosure we have sent a couple of units out to people who were a little surprised by the velocity of a saddle style vibrator, and we did this without really qualifying it.

    Straddle vibrators are next level, not for beginners, so-to-speak 🙂

    In our most concerted effort to be transparent, we want to put this on the table. If you understand there is a unique difference between a wand, rabbit and saddle vibe, and you can pair our product with a reviewer who is ready for next level, we would be honored to put this in your hands :)”

    Interested? Fit the bill? Please reply below or email me if you have any Qs.

    Thanks team!



    There are a couple of turbo reviewers i think would be awesome to review this however i would love to throw my hat into the ring.
    I would be honoured if one of the more experienced testers doesn’t come forward.



    OMG! Swoon! Picks myself up
    Off the floor!

    I would so loooooooove to try this out, always wanted a Sybian 🙂




    This soinds so intriguing! Can’t wait for the review whichever lucky VIP gets it xx


    Cara Sutra

    Hi thanks everyone!

    A reviewer has now come forward who is suitable for this product, it will be sent to Joanne’s Reviews as she has a great deal of sex machine experience and there’s potential to compare and contrast.

    Thanks to everyone who replied.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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