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    Cara Sutra

    the pleasure panel at cara sutra

    I’m looking for a Pleasure Panel of reviewers who can provide honest feedback in exchange for products I send you free of charge.

    There are products here ready to send out which are duplicates of items I am going to review myself, or that I just don’t have time to review. From time to time I get sent other samples and I am sure companies will be happy to provide more in the future once the Pleasure Panel is smoothly running.

    Could you help out? Could you provide a few paragraphs feedback at Cara Sutra in which you will also get a backlink to your own blog (if you have one)? Please comment below if you’d like to join the Pleasure Panel!

    Please note: the Pleasure Panel is for those who wish to test adult themed products. You might have your own sex blog or you might not have a blog at all, that’s ok.

    If you own or are a representative of an adult industry company or shop, you are not eligible to be part of the Pleasure Panel. This is to avoid conflicts of interest and other problems which could arise. Thanks for understanding.


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    Carnal Queen

    I’d be really happy to join the panel Cara ­čÖé


    Cara Sutra

    Awesome CQ – thank you! I’ll get together a list of what I have available at the moment – when I have five minutes – and then post it up here so you can see what’s on offer right now.

    The reviews are for, but of course you’re welcome to do a post on your own blog with a couple of sentences excerpt and a link to the review here (sadly if you copy the whole review over Google and other search engines mark down both our sites for ‘duplicate content’).

    Hope that makes sense and I’ll be back with a list as soon as poss – and hopefully more people get involved too ­čÖé




    I’d be happy to help as and when I can ­čÖé



    Hey Cara! Love to help out ­čÖé

    Happy Orgasms!




    I would love to help and I know hubby would enjoy watching.




    I’d be happy to give it a go if you’re interested in single, straight bloke reviews!


    Cara Sutra

    Wow thanks everyone! gathering people interested at the moment and I will be back with a list of items available… small to start but once we can show the brands that we have willing, enthusiastic people in the Pleasure Panel reviewing I am sure bigger and better products will come.

    Thanks again, the response is brilliant and much appreciated xx


    Ruby Vue


    Hi! I’m a freelance writer with several years of experience writing product descriptions and reviews for a wide range of services and merchandise. I’m planning on becoming a sexologist in the next year, since my passion- in life and writing- is about sexuality (especially toys, kink, BDSM, erotica and role playing!) My previous position was as managing editor of a popular relationship site, which focused on sexy ways- very vanilla to tutorials on role playing, introducing floggers, butt plugs and nipple clamps to a partner- to revive or create sexual pleasure.

    I’d love to write reviews for your lovely site! Please contact me with more details if you need additional product reviewers.

    Thank you,
    Ruby V.



    Hi Cara

    Woo (Thanks Sable) I’m now able to log on.

    I’d also be happy to help when I can.

    All the best. x



    Hi Cara
    As a sex toy lover and masdivly passionate about sex and the bloggers I would love to be on the pleasure panel. I have considered a blog of my own for a while and am currently preparing things for setting it up, really taking on board your article about blogging and having enough to share initially.
    Gilly xx



    Another interested here ­čÖé

    Does it matter being outside of the UK? (Expat in Europe here)

    This idea actually inspired me to add to my never tumblr blog collection with “never used a sex toy” so can probably give an alternative and beginner’s viewpoint having never tried anything before ­čśë



    I wonder if I and my little could offer a slightly different review report ! Joint male/female opinions! Most definitely our delight to assist in any way !


    Pater Lupus

    I would like to offer my wisdom to the panel, if I may… My email is… I am sure you can deduce who I am, from that! Be delighted to help!



    I would love to be a product tester. Please let me know what I can do to participate.

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