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    Cara Sutra

    TL;DR – Pleasure Panel Rewards

    Approved Reviewer (2+ reviews) – Approved Reviewer Welcome Pack

    VIP Reviewer (5+ reviews) – Cara Sutra Pocket Rocket Vibrator (new!)

    Turbo Reviewer (15+ reviews) – Choice of Pleasure Panel mug (designs below)

    *** *** *** ***

    Hello everyone!

    The Pleasure Panel is growing beautifully and I want to say thank you for all your help in getting honest reviews for so many items that otherwise would not have received honest feedback for other customers to read and benefit from before making their purchase decisions. I know the contributing companies are also very grateful for all your hard work with the reviews as well.

    Approved Reviewers

    As you may or may not be aware, once a member of the Pleasure Panel has two reviews accepted for publication at Cara Sutra, they are an Approved Reviewer and receive a special welcome pack in the post, with exclusive badge and sticker:

    approved reviewer welcome pack pleasure panel

    Several reviewers have already achieved this status and I hope you wear your badges with pride!

    VIP Reviewers


    You become a VIP Reviewer when you have 5 reviews published at Cara Sutra. You will receive a super cute Cara Sutra Pocket Rocket vibrator in the post, which comes with 4 interchangeable and washable tips.

    They take 1x AA battery, but I’m afraid I can’t send you a battery in the post. Boo. Hopefully you’ll have one about the house someplace 😉

    VIP Rewards Pleasure Panel Reviewers-5

    VIP Rewards Pleasure Panel Reviewers-1

    Turbo Reviewers

    Once you have 15 reviews published at Cara Sutra then you have achieved Turbo Reviewer status! Congrats, you can now choose your new hot brew holder.

    You can select from one of these 10 mug designs and I will get it sent directly to you as a thank you for all your continued hard work for the Pleasure Panel:

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 1

    1. Pleasure Panel Reviewer Mug
    n.b: The note pad says
    1. Body safe material
    2. Rechargeable power
    3. Waterproof
    4. Gave me an orgasm!

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 2

    2. Mistress …of my sex toy collection

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 3

    3. To Live Is To Write (about sex toys)

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 4

    4. My other cup’s a TENGA

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 5

    5. Butt Stuff (is hotter than this brew)

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 6

    6. Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage mug

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 7

    7. Lingerie & Cara Sutra signature mug

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 8

    8. Will blog for sex toys & shoes

    Turbo Reviewer Mug 9

    9. I will never be ready for your jelly. Signed, a body-safe sex toy tester

    10. You can opt to create your own mug design, but I will need the design sending to me by email. The image specs are 2538 by 945px and ideally a PDF and 300dpi for best resolution. 🙂

    *** *** *** ***

    So… who’s ready to review some sex toys and bedroom goodies?!


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    Oh to be able to have one of those as a work coffee mug!


    Cara Sutra


    I can’t wait to start sending these out to people!



    These look awesome! Can not wait to get one! Think I like the butt one and the ….. it’s going to be hard choosing! x


    Cara Sutra

    The butt stuff one is popular already! And the jelly toys one…



    They’re so cool


    Cara Sutra

    Hopefully a few people will reach 15 reviews in no time 🙂



    Those mugs are so cool, the ‘will blog for sex toys & shoes’ or ‘to live is to write about sex toys’ ones are probably my favourites. Love the Tenga one too, except that my OH doesn’t drink tea/coffee/anything from a cup lol

    Awesome designs 😀


    Cara Sutra

    Thanks! So happy people love them 😀



    Wow I love those mugs! I want one! Better get writing some more reviews 🙂


    Cara Sutra

    🙂 Someone is very close to being able to choose one…



    Loving these new rewards xxx`


    Cara Sutra


    Taken a while and not just a bit of work to manage to find something to send VIP reviewers but really pleased with the Pocket Rockets. xx



    Hey Cara,
    I was wondering if I am due an Approved Reviewer Welcome Pack? Was admiring your cute little Pocket Rockets, then realised I’ve qualified for Approved status! 🙂


    Cara Sutra


    Yes you do! Sorry I hadn’t sent it already, thought I had. Thanks for the poke 😀

    If it’s ok, I’ll send out with your next review item?

    Thanks & congrats!

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