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    Hey Cara
    I would love to review Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit in Pink?



    Hi Cara! A bit late to the party, but I’d love to review the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit in Pink and the Nomi Tang water based lubricant. Happy to write separate reviews for both!

    Would also be happy to review the Toy Joy Cute Bella Vibrator, Durex Play Feel Water Based Lube (I’ve used the old formula before and would like to compare), Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel, System JO H2O Raspberry Sorbet Flavoured Lube, or the Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Sweetheart Cherry. 🙂



    Hi Cara

    Could we please be considered for the following fantastic products.

    XXL Vibrator 🙂
    Toy Joy cute Bella vibrator
    Analpush extreme anal sex silicone lube
    Nomi Tang vibrator/ lube

    Or any lube or condoms that are left

    Thanks again

    Mr & Mrs Kink x




    I would love to be considered for any of the items (except for the XXL. I’m afraid that’s too much for me).

    Thanks for the consideration!



    Hi Cara, if we are in a position to receive this month (review submitted last night – sorry both been a bit ill and not really up for much recently) we’d like to try the Durex Real Feel condoms or (and?) the Durex Play Vibrating Cock Ring. Understand if you don’t pick us and, we hope to have a few more reviews for you soon.




    Very late on this one lol!

    If it is still available would love to give my thoughts on the Toy Joy Cute Bella Vibrator or AnalPush from Meo?

    Thank you and good luck!


    Lightweight Toucan

    Hi hun, send me any solo things that are left, or any lube 😛 xxx


    Cara Sutra

    Good morning everyone…

    Actually, in light of the news there have been plenty of better mornings (all of them ._. ). Hopefully this will be a brief distraction though – I’ve assigned the November Pleasure Panel products.

    Congrats to those who got lucky and apologies to those who didn’t.

    IMPORTANT: If I don’t already have your name & address (CaptainMeow & HystericalEM) please email me those details asap – I’m off to the post office this afternoon so it would be great to send everything together.

    PLUS: If you’ve changed address details since I last posted, please send me those new details ASAP!

    November 2016 Reviewers

    AlphaMale Water Based Anal Lube – NatandTom

    AnalPush Extreme Anal Sex Silicone Lube – FozzBear

    XXL Vibrator – Wilf3564

    Blackdoor No 5 Massager – Jon Pressick

    Toy Joy Cute Bella Vibrator – Louise Lace

    Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle – JustJess

    Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Pasties – K

    Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Paint – TangledLover

    System JO H2O Raspberry Lube – HystericalEM

    Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Vibrator with Nomi Tang Lube – joanne.gemini

    Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel – crimescene

    Durex Real Feel Condoms – FesureMaybe

    Durex Play Feel Water Based Lube – CaptainMeow

    Durex Pleasure Me Condoms – Puspus

    Products Awaiting Volunteers

    I would prefer different reviewers to those already chosen above so as many people have a chance to review something as possible

    RushTime Gay Anal Sex Lube
    Durex Play Vibrations Ring
    Cal Exotics Booty Call Vibrating Anal Beads
    PlowBoy Silicone Lube

    Owing Reviews

    In the interests of everyone catching up before the end of the year, I want to take this opportunity to give a gentle nudge to the following reviewers who still owe reviews.

    GypsyLibrarian – Nera’s Need by Kaelan Rhywiol (since July)
    Blackjag63 – COLT Megatron Anal Vibrator
    RedDivine – Fun Factory ShareVibe Vibrating Strapless Strap On
    ShadyShania – System JO H2O Water Based Lube (Sample Tubes)
    Meitiman – System JO H2O Water Based Lube (Sample Tubes)
    SqueakyBedsprings – System JO H2O Water Based Lube (Sample Tubes)
    CheshireKink – System JO H2O Water Based Lube (Sample Tubes)
    Delilah_xx – BDSM by Ayzad book & Playboy Dotted Condoms
    SuperCuteSecret – The Rabbit Company Rabbit Ears Vibrator
    JamesGent – Kinx Onyx Flexible Silicone Anal Beads
    Eliza93Marie – Pjur Back Door Anal Lube & Pjur Man Xtend Cream
    FussyBug – Pjur Back Door Anal Lube
    Sumsub – Zeus Electrosex Nocturna Electro G Spot Vibrator
    TheDeafQueer – The Butters All Natural Lube
    BeatingAroundTheBush – The Butters All Natural Lube
    EdgeofPleasure – Pjur Xtend Cream, Pjur Steel Gel & Pjur Superhero Spray

    Thanks everyone, I look forward to your reviews with interest & excitement!



    Fantastic!!! Thank you so much Cara, I can’t wait ??



    Thanks, Cara. We are really looking forward to testing this.



    Thanks lovely Cara. Please send the pasties to the alternate address I provided in my first review interaction with you (ie the Fourth Avenue one), as I’m moving soon.

    I hope these pasties will get me through the IRL version of The Hunger Games that is sure to ensue during this particular presidency.



    Morning Cara,

    I’d be happy to test the Cal Exotics Booty Call Vibrating Anal Beads if you still need someone. Many thanks Leilak



    If available Cara we could test the Durex Play Vibrations Vibrating Cock Ring.


    Cara Sutra

    K: Will do!

    Leila: Done! 🙂 Thank you



    Congrats all! I will do the calexotics vibrating anal beads if you still need someone, thank you!

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