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    Basically as you know im pregnant (hooray) but suffered some complications (boo) means sex is off the cards for a while so I wanted to treat the man to a new toy.

    Any suggestions??

    Im not sure where to start !!



    Depends on whether or not he already has sex toys of his own. If he’s totally new to toys, I’d go for something like a pack of Tenga Eggs to start. They’re inexpensive, and if you get a pack of six, he’ll get a variety of different textures that provide different sensations. You could also go for one of the Tenga Cups. Those toys are meant to be disposable, so they’d be more of a temporary toy until you’re able to have sex again. If you’re looking to spend a bit more money on something that will last longer or if he’s not new to toys, I’d highly recommend buying him a Fleshlight if he doesn’t already have one. I bought my fiance one, and I want to get him a few different sleeves for it. He just has the one so far. That’s what’s nice about Fleshlights. You can always buy a new sleeve, so it’s unlikely that he’ll get bored with it. You could also check out Bad Dragon. They make fantasy toys (dragons and tentacles and stuff like that), and their toys are silicone, so they’re body safe and nonporous. If he wanted to, he could boil a Bad Dragon toy to sterilize it. Plus, silicone toys wouldn’t require the maintenance of a Fleshlight. Fleshlights need to be dusted with corn starch to keep the material feeling new. Depends on his experience with sex toys and what your budget looks like.



    Are you wanting a toy like a masturbation sleeve or something more adventurous like a prostate massager?

    One of our favourite man toys is the LoveHoney wowzer, its a vibrating butt plug with cock and ball rings, really was a game changer for us and his first introduction to male anal play.

    If that doesnt tickle his fancy I agree with InquisitiveClam, a fleshlight or similar is a safe choice, theres no possibility he will not enjoy using one of having you use it on him!

    Please let us know what you decide!



    Wish I had looked at the date stamps on this post!!


    Cara Sutra

    Hey KurosakiKun –

    Yeah – the forum tends to only be busy in one area, I wonder if you can guess where! haha



    I appreciate the advice either way but I now have a very happy healthy two year old 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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