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    Hello. I would love to review either the Aneros Helix, Aneros MGX, or the Aneros Wipes.

    Thanks for considering me!


    Jon Pressick


    I would appreciate being considered for one of the following:

    Aneros Evi Non-Vibrating Hands-Free vaginal/g-spot/clitoral stimulator
    Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager
    Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager
    Wicked Hybrid Lube 120ml bottle

    Thank you for offering these up…folks are going to have fun this month!



    Hi Cara,

    I’m up for any of the Unflavored lubes, the Titus wrist restraints, or the Aneros Evi.





    I would be happy to provide a vagina-having person’s impressions of the Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager or the Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager (used either vaginally or anally). Of course, the hands-free device looks pretty awesome, too, as do the dark chocolate willies. =)



    I would love to test
    1.Aneros Evi Non-vibrating hands-free stimulator
    2. Titus Basics Beaded Cock rings



    My first round! Yay!

    Would love to try one of the prostate massagers on Sir!

    Aneros MGX Classic Prostate Massager

    Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

    Rocks Off Quest Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Exciting times!

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    Cara Sutra

    Good morning everyone!

    Thanks for all the volunteering in this round – I’ve assigned some products below, and there’s a few things left over which I’d ideally like to go to people who haven’t already been assigned something, but it’s not a hard ‘n fast. lol

    Here we go!

    Titus Basics Beaded Cock Rings: BondageGod
    Titus Basics Donut Cock Rings: Ruby Rousson
    Titus Leather Wrist Restraints: BarginHunta
    Cockolat Milk Chocolate Willies: Kittycat102
    Cockolat Dark Chocolate Willies: CaptainMeow
    Sheets of San Francisco Double Sheet: Echo Reviews
    Bag of 3+3 Swiss Navy Lubes, for 2 reviews: Nat and Tom, and Joanne Gemini
    Aneros Wipes & Aneros Sessions Lube, for 2 reviews: Nat and Tom
    Aneros Evi: Poppycat
    Aneros MGX Classic: Fozzbear
    Aneros Helix Syn: Just Starting Out
    Rocks Off Quest: KurosakiKun
    Wicked Hybrid Lube 120ml: JustJess
    Wicked Aqua Lube 120ml: Livvy Libertine
    Wicked Aqua Vanilla Bean: Joanne Gemini
    Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial: CandySnatch
    Wicked Aqua Mocha Java: Mamz
    Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun: KinkyKittenKim

    WHAT’S LEFT! >>

    Titus Silicone Series Blue Cock Rings 3 Pack
    Box of Cockolat Milk Chocolate Willies
    Box of Cockolat Dark Chocolate Willies
    2 Boxes of Cockolat White Chocolate Willies
    8x bags of 3+3 Swiss Navy Lubes, for 2 reviews each please
    Wicked Aqua Candy Apple
    Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel
    Wicked Aqua Pomegranate
    Wicked Jelle, Wicked Ultra Silicone & Wicked Toy Lube sachets x3 – for 3 separate reviews please

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your replies <3
    If I don't have your mailing name/address already, please email it to me ASAP to cara at




    Hi Cara

    we would love to try the Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel if it is still available.



    Cara Sutra

    No probs TangledLover! Thanks 🙂

    Also – if those with assignments could confirm they’re ok with those assignments, especially those who have more than one review to do (looking at NatandTom and JoanneGemini) – I’d hate to give more work than someone feels they can comfortably handle (even if it is slippy lube!)




    Morning ?

    Really happy with our assigned items. Multiple reviews is not a problem. Thank you!


    Lightweight Toucan

    I’ll take any lubes left hun, just not anal ones xx


    Cara Sutra

    Thanks Lightweight Toucan, I’ll have a look and see what I can send.

    LivvyLibertine, according to my records you still have a review outstanding from February?



    Hi Cara, yup we are happy with our assigned item, many thanks!

    Obviously we already have an item, but if you are stuck for reviewers for the remaining items I’d be happy to review the Titus silicone cock rings if you want to put those in the same parcel, and/or the Wicked Aqua Candy Apple, or salted caramel.
    Obviously if people without anything ARE available feel free to offer them first, but we are happy to help out if required 🙂



    Thanks Cara! I’m willing to test the Wicked Aqua Candy Apple if it’s still available? Also, I need to email you to update my address.



    Hi Cara. Thank you so much ??

    I’m happy to take on the Box of Cockolat Milk Chocolate Willies if you still need a review…. I’m at a hen do this weekend and I’m sure they’ll go down well *snigger*


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