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    Cara Sutra

    Hi everyone

    New e-book available for review:

    My Dinner from Eleanor’s by Sadie Marquise

    Amazon UK | Amazon.com


    My Dinner from Eleanor’s by new author Sadie Marquise begins simply enough, with a character stopping on the way home to place a take-out order at a Jamaican restaurant that specializes in vegan food. Unsure of what to order, a welcomes suggestion comes from a young woman at the counter: “They make the best vegan macaroni and cheese here,” she said. “I always get it.”

    What follows is a discursive tale of food, art, history, physiology, and literature. There is a walk to an almost hidden side street in the city, an art gallery- of a sort- run by members of the ‘household’, a request to pose- to model- for a drawing session from which unexpected events will arise.

    Sadie Marquise weaves a story of exploration and experimentation, a narrative of where we have been and where we might be going, both as individuals and as a society.

    The book is intended for mature audiences. There is some discussion of matters that are not typically talked about in polite society, though they ought to be more frankly addressed. The book has scenes that may not be suitable for young readers.

    The novella can be previewed here.

    If you’d like to review this book please reply below confirming which format you’d like, PDF or .mobi.

    Remember that book reviews don’t count against you with regards to future Pleasure Panel rounds – I don’t mind if you have outstanding book reviews when the next round happens as I know they can take a while to read and review. As long as you DO get the review over to me eventually!

    As usual I need a minimum 300 word review for the book once you’ve read it, preferably 600+ to be thorough.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi Cara

    I’m happy to review.




    Cara Sutra

    Thanks very much – I’ll get this arranged 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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