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    Cara Sutra

    Hi Pleasure Panel,

    Here’s another hot read available for review. Author Frank Schwarzenstein has offered a digital copy of his autobiographical book, Going Real: Online Training Of A Slave, to a lucky Pleasure Panel reviewer. The novel is a graphic correspondence about a novice finding her way into real life BDSM with an online dom.


    Official Blurb:

    This is an autobiographic novel based on events in 2015 over the internet.

    How real can you digitally submit? When Emily mails an erotica author, asking for instructions she starts her journey to go real and live BDSM instead of just fantasizing. As she is guided deeper into submission, numerous obstacles arise and some barriers come down while others can’t be overcome.

    If you ever wanted to know how a dominance and submission relationship can work, this book is for you.

    Please let me know in the comments if you can provide a review for the above book. Usual terms apply; minimum 300 words review required (as many words as you like over that!) and please submit your review to me via email.

    Thanks team!



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    Hiya Cara,
    Sounds like a great read that would make for a great review. I’ll happily review this novel



    Cara Sutra

    Thanks Eliza! I’ll email the author copying you in if that’s ok, so they can get in touch to send the book.

    Just about to head out but will do it tonight at some stage.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!


    Cara Sutra

    Due to ongoing difficulties sourcing this book from the author, this offer of review has been cancelled. Author and reviewer have been notified.

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